Top 10 Best Netflix Series Released in 2020

10 Best Netflix Series Released in 2020 You Need to Watch Right Now

Top 10 Best Series Released On Netflix in 2020 You Should Watch 

The best 2020 series on Netflix are here, and fans of Dark, Sex Education, and Eu Never, among others, can already celebrate. In an atypical year, in which several productions were paused, Netflix surprised with an organization in which several series were already ready. That way, he stood out and managed to deliver good stories to fans. So check out the list for the top 10 series of 2020 on Netflix below

Best Netflix Series Released in 2020


10 – Sex Education, Season 2

Sex Education returned in 2020 even more relevant – and bold. However, in essence, it is still a series about teenagers. Even so, in his text, he knew how to deal with issues necessary for our society, including an episode entirely dedicated to abuse against women – and the need for support. This is a series worth marathoning and being up to date with.

9 – Veronica

Bom Dia Verônica is perhaps the most relevant national series, produced by Netflix. That’s because, in a dense plot, he knew how to deal with topics such as police corruption – more necessary than ever – in addition to the reality about violence against women, machismo, and other extremely relevant agendas.

8 – Nothing Orthodox

One of the great mini-series of the year, nominated for an Emmy, Nada Ortodoxa joins the list for a few reasons: first, for being short, only four episodes; and second, because it addresses a culture that is distant from most people. In exploring Judaism, and as if a determined woman rejects her roots to live life the way she wants to, Nada Ortodoxa gave the audience a rich and engaging text.

7 – Blood and Water

Blood and Water is a series that follows the plot of a girl who infiltrates a prestigious school to investigate her sister’s disappearance. But, as it progresses, the plot proves to be engaging and relevant in several aspects of today’s society. Another important point that adds a lot to expand the viewer’s horizon: it takes place in Cape Town, South Africa, and has all the black protagonists.

6 – Outer Banks

Outer Banks was one of the great freshness of 2020. This is because the series has a lot of vibe in the teen years of the 2000s. In fact, it came to be called “ The OC of Netflix “. Combine troubled teenagers, family problems, and lives at risk, we have the newest success of the year.

5 – I Never

One of the favorite series of the year, Eu Never was the type of production launched at the right time – and with the right story. Light, fun, and passionate, the production is to marathon all at once. And hope that more episodes will be released soon. In addition, she treats adolescents in a relevant way, dealing with important themes and showing cultures that are distant from society.

4 – Ozark, season 3

The top positions in this list are occupied by returns from established series. And Ozark could not be left out. With an engaging and dense plot, the third season of the series further enhanced Bird’s involvement with the drug barracks and its money-laundering scheme. In fact, fasten your seat belts, because nobody is safe in the season. Literally, until the last second.

3 – Dark, season 3

Dark deserves a position on this list alone. Planned from start to finish, it won the title of one of Netflix’s toughest series. Likewise, one of the most loved. The third season starts out difficult, as expected. Furthermore, Dark’s script makes no concessions or stops. You have to run after the machine. Reviewing previous seasons may be necessary. But in the end, it all makes sense – or not.

2 – The Crown, season 4

Returning to Olivia Colman’s final season as Queen Elizabeth, The Crown’s spotlight was stolen in the presence of Gillian Anderson’s Margareth Tatcher and Emma Corrin’s Princess Diana. The fourth season covered British royalty in the 1980s and explored all of Diana’s pain and suffering in her marriage to Prince Charles. Thus, without a doubt, The Crown is one of the biggest hits of the year.

1 – The Queen’s Gambit

In 2020, there was no one: The Queens’ Gambit was the best series on Netflix. With an excellent text and an unforgettable artistic direction, the series enchanted and involved. In addition, it made the audience fall in love with a game that is sometimes considered boring – chess. So this is the series that you can’t finish the year without watching. Here are some of the Queen’s Gambit Like Series you can also watch right now.

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