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10 Essential Items Every Hunter Should Carry on a Hunting

Items Every Hunter Should Carry on a Hunting

Hunting is an activity deeply rooted in our traditions and practiced by thousands of fans, especially in rural and countryside areas. If you are new to the world of hunting, you will surely have some doubts about what equipment you need, beyond the shotgun and the cartridges. Today, in this article, we want to help you solve those doubts by explaining what are the 10 essential items that every hunter should carry on a hunting day.


10 Essential Items in a Hunter’s Equipment


1. First-Aid Kit

A day of hunting implies the use of a firearm and, in addition, spending a good number of hours in the middle of nature, in the open air, and exposed to a multitude of risks. Therefore, there is a possibility that some unforeseen event may arise in the form of an accident.

Carrying a first-aid kit on hand, even if it is leaving it in the car, should be a priority. At a minimum, it should contain sterile gauzes, gloves, antiseptic, antihistamine, tweezers, scissors, a couple of bandages of different sizes, and adhesive tape.


2. Emergency Kit

In addition to the first-aid kit, an emergency kit is an element that can save the lives of one or more people in the event of an accident that makes them stay in the bush for many hours. This kit is recommended to always carry with you.

The contents of the basic emergency kit are a flashlight with spare batteries, an emergency signal light, a thermal survival blanket, a tourniquet, rehydration salts, a small utility knife, matches, a whistle, a roll of paracord, and a raincoat.


3. Backpack

hunter’s backpack or a good backpack or satchel is another basic element. You will need it to store and transport everything you have to take with you throughout the day. In addition, you will also introduce here the large pieces that you are charging and that you can carry hanging.

The backpack must be made of leather or some other type of waterproof and durable material since at times it will be exposed to both bad weather conditions and bumps and scrapes that it must withstand without breaking.


4. Cap and Sun Protection

Spending hours outdoors and with the sun on your head without any type of protection is not a good idea. To protect yourself, you should always have a hat and a high-factor sun cream on hand in your backpack or backpack.

To prevent it from attracting attention and being able to be detected by animals, the cap should ideally be camouflaged. As for the cream, protection factors of 40 and up are recommended.

5. Hunting Bag

The hunting bag is also an item that every hunter needs to make the day bearable. This is an element that attaches to the belt and is used to hang from it small pieces, such as birds, rabbits or hares.

Of course, it is important that the hunting bag is resistant because, on a good hunting day, it will support a lot of weight. Those made of leather or synthetic leather are the most used.

6. Cartridges

The hunter needs to always have the cartridges or ammunition he uses at hand. Being able to load the weapon in a few seconds is key so that the prey does not escape. For this purpose, nothing better than a good cartridge belt or cartridge belt. It is nothing more than a kind of belt that surrounds the hunter’s abdomen and that has different holes to house the cartridges.


7. Seat

Depending on the type of hunting that is going to be carried out, this element may or may not be necessary. It is when you are going to hunt in a fixed position, as it happens in some hunts or in the wait since you remain for a long time without moving. There are different types of seats suitable for the hunter. From folding chairs with a backrest, which are the ones that offer the most comfort, to tripods or bipods as a stool.


8. Thermal Water Bottle

Of course, you can’t think of hunting without having water at hand. A hunter needs to replenish liquid several times during a day, so carrying a canteen, bottle or any other container with water is essential. Ideally, the container should be made of stainless steel and with thermal protection, since it guarantees high resistance while maintaining the water at an adequate temperature.

9. Spare Clothes

Nobody can assure you that, when you go hunting, the weather will not play tricks on you in the form of a downpour or storm. For this reason, always carrying spare clothes in your backpack is something that sooner or later you will appreciate.

Spending hours outside wet can easily lead to hypothermia and the best way to avoid this is to remove wet clothing as soon as possible, change it into dry clothes and protect yourself with a raincoat.

10. Binoculars

In many cases, the pieces to be beaten are often far away, making it more difficult to see where they are moving or to target them effectively. To solve this problem, nothing better than binoculars and viewers or telescopic sights, since with them you can completely eliminate the problem. In addition, they will help you to select the appropriate prey, calculate the distance to it and plan the strategy to bring it down.

Having these elements, you will ensure that, during your first days of hunting, you do not lack anything. As you gain experience, you will discover for yourself that another material is necessary for you and it will be a matter of adding it to your equipment. That yes, take into account the weight. The more things you need, the more weight you have to carry, and that can become a problem.


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