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10 Tips to Increase Your Internet Speed | Speed Up Your Internet

How Can You Boost Your Internet Speed? | Enhance your Internet ConnectionĀ 

You have an internet connection, but you are having difficulty loading internet pages or reading your messages on social networks. The images of highlights of the football matches that you have missed freeze or the image on your television jumps or pixelates. This is sure because of your low speed. In that case, rather than getting frustrated, here are a few tips to increase your internet speed.

10 Tips to Speed up Your Internet Connection and increase your internet speed

1. Prefer wired

If your computer is not far from your box, it is recommended to use a good quality Ethernet cable to connect directly. In doing so, you stabilize the flow, and devices connected by WIFI will receive a better flow. If, moreover, the box is located in another room, it is best to install an Extender in order to pass the signal through the electrical network.

2. Claim a more recent box from your ISP

Old boxes do not often integrate the latest standards in terms of connectivity. So, even if your operator provides you with a debit donation, it will still be restricted by the box. You must ensure that it integrates the Go Ethernet ports.

3. Change your equipment

In order not to slow down the arrival of data, there must be compatibility with the latest standards between the box and the devices. Also, the quality of reception of these devices depends on the number of antennas they integrate. The higher the number, the better these devices will pick up the signal emitted by the box and the data exchanges will be better.

4. Position your box well

First, avoid putting it under the TV or in an enclosed area. Preferably, install it in the center of the housing, about 1.5m from the ground in an open area. Keep obstacles (in particular through load-bearing walls) and disruptive elements away from it: metal objects, electronic devices with the same frequency as it (microwave oven), elevator, aquarium, etc. You should not put anything on it and always connect it directly to a power supply.

5. Play with the frequencies

Recent boxes use two frequency bands (2.4GHz and 5GHz). Start by connecting your equipment to the 5GHz band which is more recent and therefore the least used. But first, make sure of the previously said compatibility. Microwaves, Bluetooth devices tend to use the 2.4GHz band. Therefore, the signal is weak.

6. Stop running programs

To benefit from maximum bandwidth, now remember to cut the WIFI of unused devices. Do the same for programs that are running in the background. On Windows, type in the search bar of the Start menu to find the resource monitor and go to the Network tab and stop unnecessary programs.

7. Disable the automatic search for WIFI network

To do this, go to the Network and Internet settings of your computer. This unnecessary feature consumes bandwidth when you systematically connect to your own network.

8. Check if you don’t have a virus

Some malware uses bandwidth by discreetly using computer capabilities or displaying advertisements. By scanning with an antivirus, you can eradicate the possible contaminations of the contents of these computers to improve their performance.

9. Use a WIFI receiver

If the signal from your WIFI does not fully cover your home, use a receiver. This one captures the signal, cleans it, amplifies it, and sends it back. Pay attention to the choice of receivers, because they are not equal and must be installed at a good distance from the box.

10. Go for fiber

The ideal solution to increasing your throughput is for your home to be eligible. The installation of the fibers allows benefiting from a good quality flow, higher than the ADSL. Your throughput will be more stable no matter how far your home is from the optical patch node.

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