160Hz Refresh Rate Mode Revealed in ROG Phone 3

160Hz Refresh Rate Mode Revealed in ROG Phone 3

Asus recently launched the ROG Phone 3 with some features. These can be listed as Snapdragon 865+, up to 12GB of RAM, air triggers and 6,000mAh battery. Also, having a 144Hz display to boot puts the phone in an incredible buying trend for gamers. However, it seems that the ROG Phone 3 can actually support a higher refresh rate mode of 160Hz precisely.

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Discovered by people at XDA Developers, there is a hidden 160Hz mode for ROG Phone 3. However, you will need to use an ADB command to enable it. The command you need to run is:

adb shell setprop debug.vendor.asus.fps.eng 1

After executing the command and rebooting your device, you can find the new refresh rate option in Settings -> Display -> Refresh Rate. Alternatively, you can enable it using the Quick Sets tile for the refresh rate in ROG Phone 3.

However, the phone screen is not calibrated to operate at 160Hz refresh rate. It is important to note. Therefore, if you switch to 160Hz, you will need to make some manual adjustments to the screen settings to make the screen look good. These can be done in Settings -> Display -> Splendid.

If things didn’t go the way you want, you can return to your usual refresh rate and disable the 160Hz mode using the command below:

adb shell setprop debug.vendor.asus.fps.eng 0

It is not clear why this hidden feature is available on ROG Phone 3. It may be an engineering test that Asus is working on phones to see how far it can go on the screen. Perhaps the company plans to make this feature accessible to everyone with a future OTA update. Either way, it is exciting to know that such a feature exists on ROG Phone 3, and if you want, you can try and make the screen better than it is.