3 Hi-Tech Solutions to Stop the Corona virus

3 Hi-Tech Solutions to Stop the Corona Virus

3 Hi-Tech Solutions to Stop the Corona Virus

The global coronavirus pandemic is pushing the most creative people to invent new and sophisticated solutions to help fight the virus. Thermal camera, air purifier, and apps. Discover 3 Hi-tech solutions to fight and stop the Corona Virus, provided by the high-tech sector.

1. Thermal cameras to detect Covid-19

In the context of the coronavirus epidemic, several companies have perfected the thermal camera. New professional thermal imaging cameras, like those from Sisteer Optronics , are able to detect abnormally high fever. This applies to any individual stationery or moving, passing within a radius of 3 to 5 meters from the sensors.

An ingenious solution, this kind of camera is a great help for many professionals. They can be set up in stations, ports, airports, but also in shops, hospitals, schools, and any professional establishment. The special Covid-19 thermal camera is particularly precise. It quickly measures the temperature of several people at the same time, and avoids any contact between individuals, in order to limit the spread of the virus.

2. Fight against Covid with air purifiers

Less futuristic than the MicroClimate helmet from Hall Labs, air purifiers would eliminate 99% of bacteria, microbes, and viruses, including the new coronavirus. Purifiers eliminate the coronavirus. These devices indeed help to clean the indoor air. Moreover, sales of these devices are currently exploding, as this video illustrates.

Now, some companies are even marketing portable purifiers to eliminate the coronavirus. This is the case with the Aeria Shield by MoskitoFree. This small hi-tech box is worn around the neck. It would purify the air around us, in order to limit contagion between individuals, especially when they talk to each other.

3. A Covid application to limit contamination

One of the best-known hi-tech solutions remains the TousAntiCovid app. She succeeds StopCovid. TousAntiCovid is more sophisticated than the previous app. An information and prevention device, the application is used to report when you are a victim of the coronavirus. It also allows you to be warned when you have been in contact with a positive person (if the person in question has declared himself). Enriched application, TousAntiCovid also gives access to the exceptional travel certificate and to various information about Covid-19.

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