3 Reasons to Buy an Xbox Game Pass Subscription

3 Reasons to Buy an Xbox Game Pass Subscription

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is a Microsoft service that provides access to a wide range of PC, console, and cloud games. In addition, the subscription allows you to play online on consoles, and also gives you access to exclusive discounts on the Microsoft Store and at least four free games each month as part of the Games with Gold offer. In this text, we will discuss three reasons why you should buy the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.


Why should you buy Xbox Game Pass Ultimate?

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is enjoying more and more popularity, which is hardly surprising. But we’re all here for the facts, so let’s focus on them. Here are the reasons why we think you should purchase a Microsoft subscription.


3 Reasons To Buy Xbox Game Pass Subscription 


1. Price/Number of Games Ratio

The regular price of an average game for new generation consoles exceeds $100 USD, and it must be admitted that this is an amount that can make you dizzy. There are currently over 500 items in the XGPU library, and the monthly cost of the subscription is only USD 55, which of course does not mean that it cannot be bought for less money.

Cheap Game Pass Ultimate can be purchased up to 85% cheaper; all you need to do is find the right guide that describes ways to save. Microsoft’s offer includes a lot of different games, so everyone should easily find something for themselves. Put simply: the number one reason why XGPU is worth getting interested in is the price. This is an ideal option for thrifty gamers.


2. Rich Game Library

As already mentioned, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate currently offers over 500 games for PC, console (Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S), and the cloud. With such a rich library, every player will find something for himself, and as if that were not enough – new games are constantly coming. Of course, sometimes individual titles leave the subscription, but the frequency of adding new products is much greater. For the price, you simply can’t find a better deal than the one offered by Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.


3. Convenience

The purchase of XGPU is also convenient because the service application can be found on all key platforms, i.e. PC, consoles, and smartphones. On all of these devices, starting playing games from a subscription is incredibly simple and intuitive. Interestingly, some titles can be run in the cloud, which means you don’t have to download them first.

As if that were not enough, with the Xbox Play Anywhere feature, you can play the same game on many different platforms while maintaining your progress. Put simply, nothing prevents you from launching a given product on a PC, and a few days later turning it on on the console, being able to continue the game from the moment it finished on the computer.


Reasons to Buy Xbox Game Pass Ultimate – Summary

So much for the reasons why we think purchasing an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription is a good idea. Microsoft has high hopes for its service, which in turn means that it is constantly improving it. Many people say that these types of subscriptions are the future of gaming, and it cannot be denied that there may be something in it.

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