3 Reasons to watch Dash and Lily New Netflix Christmas Series

3 Reasons to watch Dash and Lily New Netflix Christmas Series

As the Dash and Lily series landed on Netflix this month, here are 3 good reasons not to miss it. After the box of Emily in Paris, this sweet and romantic series is likely to win your hearts from the first minutes.

Christmas is fast approaching and at this time of year, what could be more heartwarming than discovering Santa Claus-themed movies and series? And that’s good since Netflix has just unveiled Dash & Lily on its platform.

Reason to Watch Dash & Lily Netflix Christmas Series 

The reason? Because we all need to believe in the magic of Christmas. And with two ultra-endearing characters who will drag you into a touching romance, you can’t remain indifferent!

1. A Christmas romance as we like them

If you never miss the Christmas movies broadcast on the major channels in November, there is no way you won’t fall for the Dash & Lily series.

In addition to the game that gradually settles between the two protagonists, the Christmas atmosphere is there. And how not to rejoice in the framework of their romance?

Indeed, Dash and Lily live in New York and they take us to the most popular areas of the city throughout the episodes. All the codes of Christmas films are respected and it is indeed what represents its real asset.

2. Secondary characters at the top

If Christmas films rarely give pride of place to secondary characters, this is not the case in Dash & Lily as they are so important and endearing. Whether it’s Lily’s brother, Dash’s best friend, or Dash’s ex, each of them has a role to play.

Instead of being left out of the main plot, they become an integral part of it. They make us laugh, they touch us, and they annoy us but that’s what makes the strength of this series that comes out of clich├ęs to also focus on the secondary characters.

3. An epistolary relationship

The real strong point of the series is the epistolary relationship that is tied between the two characters. Because you’ll have to wait before you see Dash and Lily sharing a scene on the screen.

In addition to being a process that hooks the viewer, it helps to discover the two protagonists who exist individually and therefore outside of their romantic relationship.

Especially since it adds a good dose of romanticism to the intrigues! In short, don’t miss Dash & Lily on Netflix, you won’t regret it. Also, find out which series character you could redefine yourself with.

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