4 Innovations to Overcome Lower Back Pain

4 Innovations to Overcome Back Pain

Innovations and Technologies to Overcome and Reduce Lower Back Pain

According to statistics, more than 47% of the world’s population suffers from back pain every year. It is also reported that approximately 66% to 75% of people will experience back pain at least once in their lifetime. These data prove that evil is omnipresent. Likewise, there is no longer any need to recall the consequences of such evil.

Between the pain in the vertebrae, depression, and others, the evil must be prevented.  And for that, there is no lack of solutions. But very often these remedies are inadequate or offer only fleeting peace.

4 Innovations to Overcome and reduce lower Back Pain

To provide a lasting response to this problem, various innovative solutions have emerged.

1. The t-shirt that straightens the back

This is an invention that we owe to the start-up Perko. With patented technology developed with osteopaths, Percko has invented several T-shirts that allow posture correction. These clothes have elastic fibers that allow you to reduce back pain, strengthen your back muscles, support your movements in order to reduce muscle fatigue. The brand offers various t-shirts adapted to each job.

2. The back support belt

According to doctors, about 75% of back problems are due to poor posture when sitting. It is from this observation that the idea of ​​the back support belt was born. It corrects and improves your posture.

There are several models of back support belts on the market. Some only focus on the spine. But there is also a more complete model marketed by the Posture Zen brand. This, in addition to supporting your spine, stabilizes your pelvis and makes the chair you sit on ergonomic.

3. The exoskeleton to relieve workers

A state-of-the-art solution, the exoskeleton is an innovation that employs robotics to prevent and relieve back pain. It is an assistance device that aims to cushion the impact of stress on the spine. Work of the Start-up Japhet, the exoskeleton is recommended at work.

Since back pain is recognized as a frequent cause of work stoppage, several companies are already adopting it for their employees. In fact, the device makes it possible to control postures that promote back pain, promotes well-being, and long-term employability. It is a good solution to return to work after a stoppage due to back pain.

4. The massage chair

The massage chair has been around for over a decade, but it has seen many improvements over the years. Today, several models exist on the market with different functionalities. With almost perfect designs, the massage chair remains an impressive solution to relieve low back pain today. Indeed, this furniture allows us to relax the back, to evacuate the stress, to recover after the effort, etc.

There are massage chairs for all body types. With an advanced function, the furniture precisely detects the most painful parts of your body and relieves you of them. Some models are able to release heat on the areas concerned to offer your well-being more quickly.

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