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4 New WhatsApp Features Arriving in June 2023

Limit unwanted calls, mention groups, create community groups or even modify messages, lots of new things are coming to WhatsApp.

A few days after launching the Locked Chats feature, WhatsApp shifted its focus to alternative solutions. These have already been released for beta testing. These features, spotted by the knowledgeable WABetainfo, should significantly relieve subscribers. Below, we take stock.

1) Limit Unwanted Calls

As everyone knows, WhatsApp allows anyone with your number to contact you. This results in an increasing number of annoying, unsolicited contacts. Mark Zuckerberg’s company has partnered with the mobile application TrueCaller to prevent this. Together, they will filter calls and limit as many unsolicited calls as feasible.

In addition to the automatic settings that will come with updates, users can strengthen the available options by adjusting the privacy settings.

2) Create Community Groups

Users have responded positively to the introduction of Community functionality. In a few days, Meta will introduce innovation on this topic. Users will be able to create community organizations within their community. Adding a menu to the community heading will be possible, allowing each member to switch between communities based on the topics around which new community groups are created.

3) Mention Groups in Chats

After the introduction of communities, WhatsApp will become identical to Discord. It will now be possible to mention the parties congregating within the same community during discussions. However, only administrators can do so; mentions are only permitted in the community announcements group. Different administrators will be able to specify which groups they are addressing.

4) Edit Sent Messages

Soon, it will be possible to modify a sent WhatsApp message. With this feature, Meta’s application will join Telegram, allowing users to edit messages sent a few minutes after departure. Thus, the modification option will permit the correction of any typos or other errors that may have crept into the messages. Currently, 15 minutes are permitted after the message has been sent.

Nonetheless, WhatsApp intends to restrict this functionality to prevent any unauthorized use. The message recipient can view the history of modifications, as is the case on Facebook and Twitter.

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