5 batsmen can win the Orange Cap in IPL 2020

The top 5 batsmen who can win the Orange Cap in IPL 2020

This time the IPL 2020 live streaming is being held in the United Arab Emirates. The cricket drama of victory and defeat of IPL will continue from September 19 to November 10. The matches of the colorful 53-day tournament will be played in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah in the afternoon and at night.

The ball will spin more on the pitch of the sand country, the United Arab Emirates. Spinners will benefit. However, the batsmen will rule in this fast-paced match. Who will get the IPL 2020 orange cap this time? Many are ahead in the race to get the Orange Cap. Who will be the first batsmen to get the Orange Cap this time.


1. Virat Kohli (Royal Challengers Bangalore):

Virat Kohli is currently the most respected name in the world of cricket. This batsman, perfect in aggression and technique, is setting one record after another. Challengers Bangalore captain. Want to make your team IPL champions with your best.


2. Aaron Finch (Royal Challengers Bangalore):

Aaron Finch is one of the contenders for the Orange Cup this time. Will play for RCB. Can play big shots. You can change the color of the match at any moment with long innings. RCB is relying on him a lot.


3. David Warner (Sunrise Hyderabad):

Last year, he won the Orange Cup with 692 runs in 12 matches in the IPL tournament. He has the tools to win the cup again. He can hit the ball with impossible force.


4. Shubhaman Gill (Kolkata Knight Riders):

Shubhaman Gill will play for Kolkata Knight Riders. Cricket experts believe that he has the potential to become a new star in the IPL. Can open the match. Coach Brendon McCullum is optimistic that Shubhaman will make a big run in this tournament. This young cricketer has the ability to fight equally with the opponent.


5. KL Rahul (Kings XI Punjab)

KL Rahul will play for Punjab Kings XI this time. He has done a great job for the Indian team this year. As a wicket-keeper, many consider him the successor to Mahendra Singh Dhoni. He is accustomed to playing in any position. All the impeccable strokes in hand. You can send the ball to any end of the field. Any bowler in the world respects his bat. One of the contenders for the Orange Cup.


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