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5 Batsmen With The Most Runs in International T20 Cricket

5 Batsmen With The Most Runs in International T20 Cricket

Virat Kohli has become the first batsman in the world to score 3000 runs and tops the list with the most runs in international T20 cricket. He touched this milestone by scoring 63 runs in the second match of the five-match series against India vs England T20 2021.

5 Batsmen with the Most Runs in International T20 Cricket [Updated 2021]


1. Virat Kohli: Innings 71 – 3001 Runs in T20.

2. Martin Guptill: Innings 95 – 2639 Runs in Twenty20.

3. Rohit Sharma: Innings 100 – 263 T20 Runs.

4. Aaron Finch: Innings 81 – 2347 Twenty20 Runs.

5. Shoaib Malik: 107 innings – 2335 Runs in T20.


Virat Kohli is one of the best batsmen of the 21st century in international cricket. Because Kohli is not a specialist in any format, in all forms of ODIs, Tests, T20s, Kohli’s bat is always smiling. Kohli holds multiple international cricket records. This time a new feather was added to his achievement in T20 cricket. Kohli is unique in today’s world as a batsman.

Only 10 batsmen have entered the club with 2,000 runs. Three thousand runs far away there! And to do this, a batsman must consistently do well from the beginning of his career. Indian captain Virat Kohli has done that job skillfully since the beginning of his career.

The short format of cricket does not last long for batsmen. Due to this, you have to run with the ball as soon as you come to the wicket! Due to lack of ball, batting opportunities are often not available, even if opportunities are available, many people cannot use them. Due to this, even after playing T20 for 12-15 years, many could not touch the milestone of 3000 runs.

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