5 Batsmen With The Most Runs in T20 International

5 Batsmen With The Most Runs in International T20 Cricket

T20I cricket has become a global sensation, and every nation now has its own franchise-based T20 league. Here are the top 5 players with the most runs in T20 international cricket.

Cricket has evolved significantly over the years, and one of the most notable changes has been the introduction of T20 cricket.

Players with the Most T20I Runs

The T20 format has not only revolutionized the game but has also opened up new opportunities for players worldwide. These players have left an indelible mark on the game and have been the driving force behind their respective teams.

1. Virat Kohli – India

Runs: 4,008 | Matches: 115 | Innings: 107

With 4008 runs, Virat Kohli scored the most runs in T20 international cricket. Kohli Known for his impeccable batting technique and consistency has been the backbone of the Indian cricket team.

With a high score of 122 not out, he has a remarkable average of 52.74 and a striking strike rate of 137.97. His ability to chase down targets and build innings makes him a formidable force in T20 cricket.

2. Rohit Sharma – India

Runs: 3,853 | Matches: 148 | Innings: 140

Rohit Sharma, often called the “Hitman” by fans, is another Indian cricketer who has left a significant mark in T20 international cricket. With 3,853 runs, including 4 centuries and 29 fifties, Sharma has the ability to change the course of a game with his aggressive batting.

His high score of 118 showcases his ability to play long innings, and he maintains a healthy strike rate of 139.20.

3. Martin Guptill – New Zealand

Runs: 3,531 | Matches: 122 | Innings: 118

Martin Guptill, a New Zealand stalwart, has been a consistent performer in T20 cricket. His aggressive style of play and ability to score quickly make him a valuable asset for his team.

Guptill has scored 3,531 runs in 122 matches, with a high score of 105. With an average of 31.81 and a strike rate of 135.70, he has been a crucial part of New Zealand’s T20 success.

4. Babar Azam – Pakistan

Runs: 3,485 | Matches: 104 | Innings: 98

Babar Azam, often compared to the great Virat Kohli, has been Pakistan’s shining star in T20 cricket. He has scored 3,485 runs in just 104 matches, with a high score of 122.

Babar Azam’s stylish batting and ability to construct innings have earned him 3 centuries and 30 fifties. His impressive average of 41.49 and a strike rate of 128.41 make him one of the most consistent performers in T20 cricket.

5. Paul Stirling – Ireland

Runs: 3,408 | Matches: 131 | Innings: 130

Paul Stirling represents Ireland in T20 international cricket and has been a reliable run-scorer for his team. With 3,408 runs to his name, including a high score of 115 not out, Stirling has showcased his ability to anchor the innings and play explosive innings when needed. His average of 28.64 and a strike rate of 135.83 highlight his contribution to Irish cricket.


T20 cricket has not only provided entertainment but has also become a platform for these players to showcase their extraordinary talent. These top 5 players have not only dominated the format but have also contributed significantly to their respective teams’ success.

As T20 cricket continues to evolve, we can only anticipate more incredible performances from these players and the emergence of new stars.

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