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5 Best Korean Romantic Series and K Dramas to Watch in 2022

Top 5 Best Korean Romantic Series and K Dramas to Watch

What is Korean drama? Korean dramas (Kdrama or Korean drama in English) are Asian television series. There are Japanese dramas, Chinese dramas, Thai dramas, and many more. These are fictional series that last from 15 minutes to 1 hour. Kdramas are usually 16 episodes, but some of them can go up to 50. Now that you know a little more about it, let’s tell you about the top 5 best Korean Romantic Korean Series and girly K dramas to watch.


5 Best Korean Romantic Series and K Dramas [Updated 2022]


1. Oh my venus: fun, fresh and sexy

Kang Joo Eun is a very pretty high school student who is popular with men. She saw her first great love with Im Woo Sik. His dream? Do anything to become a lawyer. Arrived in adulthood, Joo Eun is still in a relationship with Woo Sik, she worked hard to achieve her dream.

Overweight, she wants to regain her former physique. For this, Joo Eun is ready for anything and calls on Kim Yeong Ho, a professional trainer. Oh, my venus is a refreshing drama. The story and the characters give us a good time, even if the storyline is nothing out of the ordinary. A perfect Korean drama to start with.


2. Healer: when action and feeling intersect

Kim Moon Ho and Chae Young Shin are both journalists. One in a big news company and the second in a small internet newspaper who wants to become a bug reporter. While Seo Jung Hoo is a little bit special shopping boy. The three of them don’t know each other. However, fate will do everything to bring them to meet and discover a past secret that will change their lives forever. This South Korean series blends romance and thriller perfectly. The healer is to be tested at least once in your k-drama addict life.


3. W: an original script for a unique drama

Do you believe in parallel worlds? A famous designer from Webtoon suddenly disappears, leaving no trace for those close to him. While looking for her father, Oh Yeon Joo (Cardiology Resident) will be transported to another dimension.

There, she will change Kang Chul’s fate by saving his life. A drama scenario that changes a bit and it feels good. The path of the heroes intertwines for better and for worse. A Korean series not to be missed if you are new to the world of k-drama.


4. Beautiful Gong Shim: romantically pleasant and funny

Kong Shim tries to find his place in society. When looking for a job, she is often compared to her sister Kong Mi who is a lawyer. One day, she decides to return to live with her parents and rents the room on the roof that she occupied from a certain Ahn Dan Tae.

The first contact between the two protagonists is bad, however, they will not cease to meet. Seok Joon Soo, meanwhile, comes from a very wealthy family. Dan Tae and Joon Soo are linked by a past event that will resurface. These four people will experience intense emotions.

Under the drama of Beautiful Gong Shim is a funny story with a fairly common storyline. Nevertheless, we easily become attached to the characters over the episodes. A very nice Korean drama to add to your list.


5. Moon Lovers: a historical, poignant, and romantic drama

In the 21 th century, Go Ha Jin has just broken up with her boyfriend. To change her mind, she walks not far from a river. Wanting to save a little boy from drowning, she is drawn into a kind of eclipse that leads her to the Goryeo era. It becomes Hae Su, the cousin of a married woman to the 8 th Prince Wang. The life of Go Ha Jin, aka Hae Su, will change when she enters the life of the Wang family and their many conflicts.

Very beautiful Korean drama. A beautiful, sad, intense, and fantastic story. Emotions overwhelm us with each episode. A series to see urgently The universe of K dramas is immense. He still has a lot of new series to bring with releases every year. And you, which drama (s) would you recommend to a beginner?


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