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5 Best Reincarnation Movies to Watch in 2022

Top 5 Best Reincarnation Movies to Watch

For centuries, the subject has obsessed the minds of curious people. For others, however, the question is just a matter of imagination. In the age of audio-visual, directors have made some of the best movies about reincarnation, but what is certain is that their objectives are different. Learn their intention then through the following 5 cinematographic works.


5 Best Reincarnation Movies [Updated 2022]


Here below we have enlisted-in all time top 5 best Reincarnation Movies to watch.


1. Maleficent

In Maleficent, the film by the director, Éric Valette, tells the story of 4 prisoners who share the same cell. These inmates one day stumble upon a mysterious book hidden behind a wall. It’s an old handwritten diary once belonging to a man named Danvers who occupied the same cell in the 1920s.

The book contains formulas of incantation that can escape from prison. As the four companions lean over it, they uncover more secrets. The manuscript looks interesting, but dangerous if misused. At one point, Pâquerette, one of the prisoners, eats a few pages. He, therefore, finds death. Accused of being responsible, the 3 others see their sentences prolonged all their lives. Their hope for freedom thus disappears.

However, they will later understand that the diary actually makes wishes come true at the cost of disappearing. Like his friends, Carrere who wants to find his family will therefore use the book to try to free himself. He achieves this by reincarnating in his daughter’s doll.


2. Reincarnation

The encounter of the present with the past horrifies, this is the essence of the message in Reincarnation by Takashi Shimizu. It all starts in a tourist hotel. Professor Norihasa Omori has a fit of madness. He thus massacres eleven people while filming himself. He not only kills the employees of the establishment but also members of his family, including his daughter Chisato. Then he also kills himself.

Wanting to bring this story to the screen under the title Reminiscence, director Ikyo hires Nagisa to play the role of Chisato. However, as the filming approached, the actress found herself tormented by the spirits of the deceased. She has nightmares about the murder and stumbles upon a worn-out camera similar to the professors.

On the other hand, a listener of the film named Yuka has visions of a “past life”. She then concludes that she could be the reincarnation of one of the victims of the carnage. Confiding in her friend Yayoi, she manages to find the last survivor of the tragedy, the professor’s wife. This tells her about her husband’s obsession with the idea of ​​reincarnating.

For her part, Nagisa sees her case getting worse. His hallucinations become more concrete. Indeed, she ends up visualizing the professor committing his crime, to a point where she can no longer bear it and decides to commit suicide. Nevertheless, life seems to prevent her from doing so and places her in an asylum where ghosts accompany her.


3. The Double Life of Veronique

The Double Life of Véronique tells the story of two identical individuals who coexist in the same life but live separately. They are Véronique and Weronika who look like two drops of water. Unfortunately, the two women all have a heart defect that is difficult to detect.

The film shows that their existences interact. This is why when one does stupid things, the other will learn from it. This phenomenon also occurs during the death of Weronika. Véronique feels mysteriously sad, as if Weronika, her double, had reincarnated in her.


4. Innocence comedy

Comedy of Innocence by Raoul Ruiz brings viewers into a story about a strange phenomenon. The film follows the story of Camille, the only son of a certain Ariane and a father who is rarely present.

On his ninth birthday, the boy begins to see in his dream another home he owns. He then notices the existence of Alexander, Isabella’s child who lives in the imaginary house. This boy has been dead for 2 years.

Camille ends up deducing that it is he, Alexandre, and that the resident of the house he saw in his dream is his real mother. So he convinces Ariane, his mother, to go see this house to meet Isabella.


5. Dogma

Kevin Smith does not lack inspiration in directing Dogma. The story revolves around Loki and Bartleby, two angels condemned to stay on earth. They will no longer be able to return to paradise. Today, the two celestial beings find that a loophole exists to wash away their sins and return to heaven. Nevertheless, the end of the world will be triggered as soon as they get there.

In the film, God leaves the earth and acts through his deputy, Metatron. The latter charges a woman named Bethany to dissuade the two rebel angels from their intention. To carry out her mission, the woman works with two prophets, including Jay and Silent Bob. These in turn will have two additional beings descended from the heavens as colleagues. One is called Rufus. He is the thirteenth apostle. The other, meanwhile, is the celestial muse Serendipity. In short, the challenge will be played on the fate of humanity.

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