5 Cricketers And Their Lookalikes Who Look Exactly The Same

5 Cricketers And Their Lookalikes Who Look Exactly The Same as Other Celebrities in the World 

Cricketers are the most popular in the world and their fans follow them all the time. But now there are some cricketers who look exactly like other celebrities in the world! Let’s take a look at all those cricketers and their lookalikes who look exactly the same.

5 Cricketers and Their Look-Alike Who Look Exactly The Same


1) Virat Kohli and Ahmed Shehzad:

India captain Virat Kohli and Pakistan opener Ahmed Shehzad have a lot in common. From their beard style to body color, appearance structure is almost the same. Even both are right-handed batsmen; However, when it comes to batting, there is a stark difference between Virat Kohli and Ahmed Shehzad.

2) James Anderson and David Walton:

There are many similarities between James Anderson, the highest wicket-taker in Test cricket in England, and American actor David Walton. The two have almost the same beard and hairstyle. Even when they smile it feels a lot the same.

3) Johnny Bairstow and Rupert Grint:

England wicketkeeper-batsman Johnny Bairstow and Rupert Grint, the producer, and actor of the famous Harry Potter series have a lot in common. Even both are English stars. Their brown hair and beard, smile, and eyes are almost the same.

4) Hersel Gibbs and Vin Diesel:

South Africa’s famous Marquette opener Hersel Gibbs and Fast and Furious movie star Vin Diesel is almost exactly the same to see. These two famous stars have bald heads, which makes them look very similar. Even Yogi Adityanath, the leader of the Indian political party, has some similarities

5) Chris Lin and Johnny Sins:

Famous Australian cricket star Chris Lin is currently playing for Mumbai Indians in IPL 2021; There is a lot in common with the look of Johnny Sins, the popular star of the blue world. When you look at the baldness and muscular appearance of the two heads, they look almost the same.