5 Essential Tools To Promote Your Website in Search

5 Essential Tools To Promote Your Website in Search

Special tools must be used for SEO optimization. They will help conduct an initial resource audit, collect a semantic core, and correct technical deficiencies. This article will analyze 5 essential tools for an SEO specialist to promote your Website search rankings.

5 Tools to Promote Your Website in Search Engine

1) Google Analytics

Free Internet service of SEO-analytics of the company Google. This tool analyzes site traffic in detail and issues detailed reports. With its help, you can:

  • study how users behave on the site;
  • track the effect of SEO optimization;
  • conduct testing;
  • calculate the conversion;
  • explore behavioral metrics.

To work, you need to create a Google account and install the code on the site. Affects page loading speed.

2) Google Search Console

Another free tool from a giant of the internet industry. It is an indispensable assistant of the webmaster and SEO specialist, with the help of which you can perform search engine promotion of sites. The console performs some important tasks:

  • allows you to generate reports based on external and internal links;
  • shows the keywords for which the area is included in Google’s search results;
  • provides information about the search ranking;
  • checks the mobile adaptation of the site;
  • signals security issues.

In addition, the tool supports other functions available in integration with other services. The Ukrainian version of the site is public. Among the disadvantages is the interface, which is challenging to master.

3) Netpeak Spider

This is the most powerful tool for optimizing the technical condition of the site. Supports parsing of all pages or selected sections. Netpeak Spider also allows you to calculate the internal PageRank — an algorithm that displays the ranking of website pages.

One scan will reveal the main SEO problems from the technical side:

  • indexing errors;
  • lack of Alt-headings;
  • doubles;
  • domain errors.

The service highlights problems with particular colors. You can also scan sitemaps in text, HTML, and XML formats. The service is available free of charge.

4) Ahrefs

A multifunctional service for a detailed SEO audit. It supports many useful functions:

  • monitoring of keywords, content, links, and domains;
  • competitor analysis;
  • check the mass of links;
  • selection of initial parameters of the site;
  • a piece of the semantic core.

The Ahrefs tool is used for an entire site audit at the beginning of work, and regular checks after the optimization is completed.

Additionally, you can create a report and sort by the number of keywords. The service has the most modern interface design. There is no free tariff.

5) Key Collector

The most available service for collecting the semantic core. It allows you to manage queries from search engines and competitors’ resources. Google databases are used for collection. You can evaluate the phrases according to several characteristics and group them by region. The tool also allows you to link the site.

One of the main advantages of Key Collector is the accurate frequency capture of critical phrases.

  • The service supports the following functions:
  • automated collection of the semantic core;
  • competitor analysis;
  • viewing the ranking of search phrases;
  • export of collected data to Microsoft Excel;
  • review of the relevance of resource pages to queries.

The program is regularly updated. The disadvantages: there is no online version and free testing of the current update.

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