5 reasons why Apple iPhone 12 mini called the best smartphone of 2020

Why Apple iPhone 12 mini is the best smartphone of 2020?

iPhone 12 mini is Apple’s first smartphone with a mini prefix. Previously, it could be seen on branded iPads, Macs, and iPods. On October 13, Apple introduced four new iPhones 12. We are, of course, convinced that the real hit will be the iPhone 12 mini. And we know at least 5 reasons why the Apple iPhone 12 Mini can be called the best smartphone of 2020.

1. Size

Back in 2016, we were shown the first-generation iPhone SE. Fans of the company warmly welcomed the novelty, because it was the most compact smartphone at the time. But neither the next nor two years later, the iPhone SE 2 did not appear on the market.

After the appearance of the iPhone X with a monobrow, insiders began to think that this is the design of the second-generation iPhone SE, but it did not happen. This year we were shown SE (2020), but this is not what we expected. Well, where is the smartphone for almost 15K in the case of the iPhone 8, with one main camera, outdated design, and performance, which we will never use anyway?

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On the eve of the presentation of the iPhone 12, rumors spread through the network that we will be shown not three, but four versions at once. And that one of them will get a 5.4-inch screen. Insiders did not lie. Apple did not disappoint. And only in 2020 we got the iPhone SE 2, which we deserved.

The gadget is slightly smaller than the iPhone SE (2020), and its screen diagonal is 5.4 inches versus 4.7. So in the age of giant gadgets, this smartphone looks just perfect. And its screen will not seem extremely small.

2. Power

No matter what, but the smallest iPhone 12, Apple has not deprived of performance. Inside it hides the same 5 nanometer top processor Apple A14 Bionic. Of course, its performance is greater than we need. But on the other hand, each of us has room for space: the confidence that in a few years the smartphone will not turn into a pumpkin. The only thing that can stop us all is a modest battery.

Apple has not traditionally named the capacity of the batteries built into smartphones. But we understand perfectly well that you can’t push a lot into a compact case. Pleases the fact that the smartphone supports fast charging. The manufacturer promises to replenish up to 50% of the charge in 30 minutes. But for this, you will need to buy a branded power supply. There is no one in the set.


3. Cameras

It is gratifying that the compact iPhone 12 mini received 2 camera modules, not one. So you can’t call him deprived. The 12 MP main with an aperture of f / 1.6 and a focal length of 26 mm can boast phase autofocus as well as optical image stabilization.

The 120˚ 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle has a more modest aperture of f / 2.4, so it’s traditionally not suitable for shooting in low light conditions. So we have the most compact camera phone on the market. We can already imagine how all bloggers will recommend it because it fits better in the hand and fits in any pocket.


4. Price

Whatever it is, but the price of the new iPhone 12 mini will be delicious compared to the “older” brothers in the line. If you believe online sellers, the mini will cost $700. But there is one “but”. We were all loved! And they did it under the guise of caring for the environment. Like, we want to reduce the carbon footprint, so buy a power supply yourself. For Americans who do use the entire Apple ecosystem, there is nothing critical about this news.


5. Support

Last but not least, device support. Buying an iPhone 12 mini in 2020 means that Apple will send software updates to your smartphone for at least 4 years. Even Google and its Pixel can’t boast of such indicators.

So, if you are buying a smartphone for more than one year, buying an iPhone 12 mini can be considered an ideal investment. Especially since he will serve with truth and faith for more than one or two years.


Apple iPhone 12 mini really deserves the title of the best smartphone of 2020. It can not only boast top features and cool design but also give pleasure to everyone!


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