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5 Simple Ways to Improve Windows Performance

How to Improve Your PC’s Windows Performance in Easy Steps

Windows is one of the most popular Operating Systems in the World. Slow booting OS is one of the most discussed problems we often see in terms of performance. Here are a few tips to improve your Personal Computer or System Performace you can follow up on.


5 Ways to Improve Windows Performance 


1. Background Programs

In order to improve the operation of Windows 10, it is worth taking a look at the programs running in the background. To do this, we need to press ctrl + alt + Delete, turn on the task manager and view more details.

Now go to the Processes tab. Here we can check which application consumes the most CPU and RAM resources. It should be noted that, unfortunately, Google Chrome and Firefox use a ton of memory and there’s nothing you can do about it. So if your problem is high wear, then there is nothing else to do but buy a new set of frameset bones. 16 Giga is the minimum standard today.

However, we can minimize consumption by turning off applications running in the background that we are not using at the moment, for example, running game libraries such as Steam, Gog, or Epic Games Launcher.


2. Disk Cleaning

Probably many of you have a problem with the lack of disk space. Of course, the best advice is to buy larger drives, but let’s assume now that we don’t have a budget and want to reclaim some space quickly. Let’s start with the easiest way.

Type in the start menu “add or remove programs” and run the pop-up settings window. We sort files according to the disks we specify and the space they occupy. In this way, we can delete, for example, games and programs that we no longer use.

It is also worth removing temporary files, to do this, go to settings, then system, and the memory tab. Now we mark the options we are interested in and we are happy with the reclaimed space. In order to properly clean the system of temporary files, it is worth downloading a special application such as CC Cleaner. Thanks to it, we will certainly get rid of unnecessary files.


3. System Scan

Of course, it is worth scanning the system, because if our computer suddenly slowed down and we are not able to locate the specific cause of the problem, there is a chance that it has been infected with a virus and someone is just copying bitcoin on our hardware (of course, this is an exaggeration), but yes, viruses can drastically slow down our equipment, and at the same time extract all personal data such as passwords, card numbers, logins, etc.

That is why it is worth turning on the system firewall, and we can find it by going to the settings, then going to the updates and security tab. Then we choose Windows security. We are left to run the built-in native antivirus and quickly scan the computer.


4. Updating Drivers

Time for the obvious. When your computer slows down or starts to behave strangely, it’s a sign that you should check for new drivers. Frequent checking for driver updates and Bios versions is very important, especially since sometimes graphics card updates can significantly improve hardware performance in specific titles, sometimes even by 50%.


5. Component Temperatures

The last thing worth discussing is checking your hardware performance. Just download Hwmonitor to get an overview of the operating status of our components. Here we can, for example, check the temperatures of the processor and graphics card.

If they are too high, it means that it is worth cleaning the computer (preferably gently, with compressed air, so as not to damage anything), because the dust itself on the fans can impede air circulation. It is also worth replacing the cooling paste on the processor from time to time.


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