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5 Women’s Pants Trends and Style to Change your Jeans in 2021

5 Women’s Pants Trends and Style to Change your Jeans in 2021

Although we love to wear jeans, the change is good, and we must admit that some pants are more comfortable than others! If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s about appreciating comfortable clothes. Clothing trends for late 2020 and early 2021 continue to move in the direction of absolute comfort, as you expect to stay home for a while. As for the pants, although we will never get rid of our jeans, the desire to be slack is starting to take over. Here below we have mentioned the 5 women’s pants trends and styles to come in 2021.

 5 New Women’s Pants trends and Style to follow in 2021 


1. The (faux) leather pants

Faux leather is a fabric that appears slightly stiff, but can just as easily be comfortable. You can wear pants in this material with a more relaxed fit, such as a sporty cut, or leggings. When we opt for leather pants with a cleaner cut, our outfit will automatically look expensive!

2. Jogging pants

No surprise there, joggers are trendy for the many months to come! They are comfortable and warm, which makes them ideal for the cold season spent at home. They can be worn with a top that matches for a very 2021 look. You can also dress them up a bit with a more chic top, or a jacket.

3. Flared leggings or yoga pants

The surprising trend of 2021, Yoga pants is just proof that loose fit reigns this year. This trend, taken from the 2000s, is resurfacing and we can understand why! Adorable and comfortable, it has it all. The flared leggings can also be worn in a coordinated ensemble, or not, as you wish!

4. Clean (very) loose pants

It wasn’t that long ago that the trend was for fitted legs and tight ankle-length pants. This is no longer the case! This season, we wear clean style pants, with pleats, but as loose as possible, for a more masculine look. It can easily be worn in everyday life with running shoes. This gives a chic, but relaxed look, which one cannot resist.


5. Utility pants, chino or cargo style

The ultimate pants for cool girls, chino, or cargo pants stand out with their large front pockets It gives a sporty look, a little skate, which we love. It can also be very chic in a neutral color and worn with a dressier top and nice booties.

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