6 Craft Activities and Decoration Ideas to do for Halloween

6 Craft Activities and Decoration Ideas to do for Halloween

6 Creative Activities and Decorative Ideas to do for this year’s Halloween

Whether it’s a pretext or not, Halloween is an opportunity for the whole family to have fun. And what could be better than creative and fun activities to occupy young and old? Whether it is decoration, costume accessories, or the kitchen here discover the 6 manual activities and creative decorating ideas for this year Halloween.

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6 Manual Activities and Creative Decorative Ideas to do for Halloween


1. Haunted pumpkins

It is the most performed manual activity during the Halloween party. You can choose to hollow out the pumpkins to place candles in them and dig holes to form the eyes and the mouth and thus let in the light. Otherwise, you still have the paint option! Either way, these haunted pumpkins will cost you next to nothing and easily keep young and old alike.


2. Terrifying cakes

Other ideas to occupy the whole family in a fun way as Halloween approaches: the kitchen! Bloody juice cocktails, witch’s fingers, cookies in the shape of spiders, pumpkins, or even bats… There is no shortage of recipes for everyone to get their hands dirty!


3. Masks for the whole family

What could be more fun than dressing up for Halloween? If you don’t have time to take care of the costumes, there’s nothing stopping you from creating the masks yourself! For this, you can use thick cardboard-type paper or felt. Draw the shapes of your choice (skull, Batman, Frankenstein, ghost, Dali mask…) and cut them out. Drill small holes on the ends and pass an elastic cord to tie in the dimensions of your choice. You can also glue a wooden stick to one of the sides of the mask to hold it manually.


4. Ghosts in leaves

Notice to all those who think they will not be able to decorate their interior on Halloween due to lack of time and money, this decoration tip is made for you! The good news? These adorable ghosts are super easy to design with children since you just have to curve the leaves in white and draw on them.

However, it’s not just kids who enjoy the creative arts. All you have to do now is go to the forest to collect the most beautiful autumn leaves… And to go further, think about collecting them and making garlands like Halloween pennants!


5. A Halloween bouquet

How about adding a little poetry and sweetness to your Halloween decoration? To change the traditional haunted pumpkins, this time we suggest you use the fruit as a vase! Like this inspiration, the squash is diverted from its primary function and, once hollowed out, welcomes an adorable bouquet of flowers. Result? It changes, it’s refreshing and it brings a little cheerfulness!


6. Recycled lanterns

Recycling is all that is true! Here it is old jars that have been reused to create Halloween lanterns. Covered in the bandage and humanized with glue-on eyes, these lanterns look like little mummies. Add the candles and place them all over your interior (or even outdoors!).

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