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6 Most Popular Paintings of Jesus Christ

Most Popular Paintings of Jesus Christ

6 Most Popular Paintings of Jesus Christ

When you take a look at history, Jesus Christ has and remains one of the basic elements of religious works of art, so you’ll wonder: Well, if you’re looking for an answer to this question, this article can help you quite a bit. Here is the list of the 6 most popular paintings featuring Jesus Christ, as well as some interesting facts about all of them.

Whether in the form of painting or sculpture, religious art generally uses themes, elements, and motifs that are closely related to a particular religion.

Let’s take a closer look at the list of Top Most Popular Paintings of Jesus Christ:

  1. “The Head of Christ”, made by Warner Sallman (1892-1968)

The Head of Christ or as it is also known as ‘Head of Sallman’ is a portrait dating back to 1940. It’s a completely fascinating work of art, so it’s probably been copied more than 500 million times at the end. 20th century.

Many people have praised this interpretation of Jesus’ face for his hidden gems, such as the host on his forehead and a chalice in his temple, so many people believe he is pointing to the Holy Eucharist. The artists behind this incredible image believed that his first sketch was the result of an incredible vision he received one night late, which led him to complete the work.

  1. “The Last Supper”, made by Leonardo Da Vinci (1452-1519)

This list would not be complete if he did not present the most famous works of all: The Last Supper made by Leonardo Da Vinci. In the image, the artists tried to capture and show Christ by dining with his apostles just before Judas betrayed him and then was arrested by the Romans.

It was commissioned as a fresco, and like many other works by Da Vinci, it presents many hidden things. If you want to see this magnificent and completely stunning, you should go to Milan, Italy. If you are ever in Milan and want to see this fresco, you should know that you will have to book a tour in advance, especially since it can be difficult to get a place once there.

  1. “Crucifixion, View from the Cross”, made by James Tissot 1836-1902)

This particular depiction of Jesus’ crucifixion dates back to 1890 and was made by a French painter named James Tissot. Unlike other paintings on this list, it is quite unusual, especially due to the theme of the work. Basically it is a representation of the site of the crucifixion, the women gathered to witness it, as well as all the spectators from the perspective of Jesus who was on the cross, rather than that he was the center of art.

You can’t see his figure at all, with the exception of his feet that can be seen when looking at the bottom of the job. It has a wide range of articles, people and details, making it one of the most interesting works of art to see, especially if you are interested in learning more about Tissot’s watercolor techniques.

Now, if you want to see this piece, you’ll have to go to the Brooklyn Museum in New York. However, fortunately for all of us, there are online platforms like lavelart.com that offer printed canvases, which means you won’t need to travel to see and have the piece in your home.

  1. “Christ of St. John on the Cross”, made by Salvador Dalí (1904-1989)

You probably meet Dali for her incredible work of art, as well as the famous location in Barcelona: the Sagrada Familia. But he is also the person who painted Jesus on the Cross. Again, we can see a somewhat strange perspective in which he is balancing between earth and heaven.

Behind him on the cross, there is nothing but darkness, which Dali purposely did to emphasize that the cross is not important either. I wanted to show people that the man hanging from the cross is more important. Dalí was quite firm about the fact that the idea of the sketch came to him, similar to Sallman at the aforementioned point.

  1. “Resurrection of Christ”, performed by Raffaello Sanzio Da Urbino (1483-1520)

The pain of Jesus’ resurrection painted by Raffaello Sanzio Da Urbino, also commonly known as Simply: Raphael. Unlike all the other works mentioned in the list, this piece is made of wood using oil colors. One of the most interesting facts about this piece is that it is Raphael’s first work to fully preserved.

The composition seen here is often described as an incredibly complex ideal geometry that connects all aspects, motifs, and elements of the particular scene. This allows the image to have a somewhat animated rhythm that allows the transformation of the characters in the image.

  1. “Yellow and Green”, made by Paul Gauguin (1848-1903)

The last painting on our list is actually two paintings that combine perfectly. In 1889, the renowned artist, Paul Gauguin, created a well-known work of art called “The Yellow Christ”. It is a work of another world, and goes along with another painting that ended that year, entitled “The Green Christ”.

During the period when the paintings were ending, the artists moved away from the idea of realism and instead took a more creative approach to their work and interpretations of specific things. This is one of the reasons why these two images are completely colorful, each representing the savior in a different way.

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As you could read, there are many popular paintings that show Jesus Christ. No one really knew or knew what it really looked like, so there are millions of paintings made, all with Jesus in a different way. That’s why you may not want to waste any more time. Instead, you can browse the Internet for some interesting facts about the paintings in this article, or you can use your time to search for more paintings of Jesus Christ.


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