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7 Ways to Get a Discount on your Auto Insurance

How to Get an Auto Insurance Discount?

For some motorists, the very idea of ​​having to purchase insurance for their vehicle is somewhat expensive. Especially since the payment of the car and its fuel also represent an expense to consider. But when you consider the benefits and backing of auto and driver coverage, it’s important to get good insurance.

In the United States, the average auto insurance rate is estimated to be $1,248 per year. Although the cost of the policy is indeed determined by some factors such as the city or the characteristics of the vehicle, the price can still be modified in other ways. For example, several options allow you to get a discount when paying for car insurance.


7 Ways to Get a Discount on an Auto Insurance


  • Discount for having a few miles

Insurers know that less car use lowers the accident rate. So this translates to the car having fewer miles on the dashboard. So they give a discount by confirming that the car makes short trips.


  • Special discount for driving courses

Having a driving course allows the insurer to make sure that you know the traffic regulations well as well as the driving rules. For this reason, it grants a special price to all those who show that they have passed a driving course. It is important to know which courses the company approves and meets their requirements.


  • Discount when changing company

If you already have auto insurance but are not happy with it and are looking to switch companies, then you may be able to get a discount. Many companies discount auto insurance to new customers as long as they switch at least two weeks before their policy expires.


  • Discount when you have a new car

It is possible from 10% to 30% when your car is new or less than 3 years old.


  • Up to 10% less for anti-theft system

Car theft is one of the main headaches for insurers. They spend too much time and money researching to locate a vehicle and in some cases they are unsuccessful. But if the insured car already includes a tracking system such as GPS, or anti-theft tools such as power cut-offs or alarms, this is very useful for the insurer. In this case, they can give up to a 10% discount on the cost of the policy.


  • Have an ecological car

You can get up to 10% less on the cost of your policy if your car is ecological. Companies are aware of caring for the environment and give preference to green cars.


  • Have good conduct as a motorist

Companies reward motorists who demonstrate good behavior with a discount. It refers to those who have not been responsible for an accident and have not been penalized for violating the law. The discount ranges from 10% to 20% if good conduct is maintained for three to five years.


7 Types of Discounts You Get on Auto Insurance

It is also possible to obtain other types of discounts in the payment of the policy by meeting other requirements that do not have to do with the auto insurance, such as the following.


  • Discount when making the total payment of the insurance

The coverage can be paid on a monthly or semi-annual basis, but there is also an option that is not taken into account by many. The annual fee, since paying the insurance annuity in a single installment allows you to get a discount.


  • Have several insurances in the same name

If you have a home, life, or other insurance, but in the same company, then you can apply for a discount. Insurers call this service an insurance pool and it is a benefit for being a customer.


  • Multiple Auto Policy

When including several cars in the same policy, the company is responsible for making a discount. As long as everything is under the name of the same owner. In addition, the cars must be in constant use and not stored.


  • 20% offer for being a student

Some insurers grant a 20% discount on the payment of the policy to students. Especially those who are students between 23 and 25 years old, study full time, and have good grades.


  • Offer by profession agreement

Some workers such as nurses, engineers, teachers, doctors, police officers, scientists, or firefighters may be able to get a discount on their auto insurance. This is as long as there is an agreement by the insurance company with said professions, but there are some restrictions that you must consider.


  • owning a home

The price of auto insurance is calculated according to the level of risk considered by the company. For example, when an insured has their own house or apartment, then their policy will be considered low risk. For this, a special price is offered.


  • When paying via E-Pay

Paying your policy online can offer you exclusive discounts and is also very convenient. Using the electronic signature, you will be able to receive your account statements, invoice without a problem, and get discounts for car insurance.


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