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8 Signs of a Healthy Relationship

You are on the right track if any of these aspects sound familiar! You have probably wondered if this or that aspect in your understanding of things indicates a healthy relationship.

Although each case is unique, common elements exist among those who have created a healthy and constructive bond. The following article will discuss some clues that tell you if you are facing one of those cases.


8 Signs To Know your Relationship is Healthy

Check if these key factors are present in your way of understanding what a healthy relationship is:

1. Respect and Trust

Here are two of the essential pillars on which to build: trust and respect. They are basic and a sine qua non-condition for a healthy relationship, to the point that without them, there is no love.

When in a relationship, disrespect and unhealthy jealousy (to a greater or lesser degree) become a regular part of the bond creation, it is as if we were building a bridge that we will cross every day with materials that crumble at every step; In the same way, the couple’s relationship will break down until it is destroyed.


2. They Spend Quality Time Together

With the pace of life we currently lead, where time seems to be the real bargaining chip, cultivating a healthy relationship is almost a feat. But of course, it is possible! As with everything that matters to us, dedication is key and caring for those ties we have with the person we love is paramount.

For this reason, when the number of hours that we have in our day has to be divided into multiple parcels to attend to, with much more reason, we must strive to preserve that space to be together and ensure that the time invested is of quality.

Because when you come across a couple who take care of their relationship, you notice that every moment they share counts and that they give it the value it has for them.


3. They Laugh Together Often

Is it laughter that helps us strengthen the bond with our partner or is it the strength of their ties that leads to that state of joy? Whatever the answer, what is clear is that couples who laugh together often have a connection to each other in common that not all couples have.

Curiously, that complicity that connects the sense of humor between two people who love each other becomes an extension of the trust woven between them.


4. Communication as an Ally

Beyond simply talking as a symptom of good functioning in the couple, good communication is shown as a wide variety of ways to connect with each other. The power of words is unquestionable when they serve to bring us closer, but speaking is not always the solution in case of conflict. Or at least not in any way.

Knowing and taking into account the rhythm of each of the members of the couple is essential; If we saturate our partner with a bombardment of information in a short time, they probably won’t be as receptive to dealing with sensitive issues as if we keep their listening skills in mind, if we try to be assertive, or if the time is right.

Finding that point of balance between the two is a true virtue. And it is not bad to have other ways of communicating without words, such as gestures, looks and even contact. There are looks and smiles that say more than a thousand words, and hugs that come are not enough. And in this sense, it is not difficult to intuit at first glance when we have a healthy relationship in terms of how they communicate.


5. They Pamper their Relationship

If we discover that our relationship as a couple is something with a life of its own, with a beautiful identity beyond ourselves and our partner, we will be before the evidence of creating something valuable that is worth maintaining. And if we come before this evidence, it is also time to consider taking care of it as if it were a living being.

Healthy couple relationships are aware of each other and pay attention to caring for that bond. To do this, they also look for a way to make everything available to those beautiful ties that can help keep them connected with respect and trust.


6. Love from Freedom

Leaving relationships of convenience aside, when two people form a couple, they do so from the desire to be with each other. There are no obligations, but mediating love and a true desire to be two.

When discussing a healthy couple relationship, respecting each other’s space is essential. Restricting your partner’s freedom of action or controlling everything he does will only foster an uncomfortable climate of coexistence for both of you and could be the beginning of the end.

Instead, openly addressing issues that may affect the couple’s limits will be a good way to establish clear foundations between the two so that the free action of each one does not cross the lines of trust or mutual respect.

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7. Discussions Focused on the search for the Meeting Point

Who says healthy couples don’t argue? Of course, they do too; it’s normal and even healthy because it shows that no matter how well-matched they may be, each one maintains their own identity and way of thinking.

The difference in this sense between a healthy couple relationship and one that is not lying in the way of doing it: Insults or low blows are out of the question since neither one nor the other will serve anything positive, just to hurt the person you love.

On the other hand, those differences of vision that focus on clarifying the point of view of the other, enriching it with their contribution and seeking a solution to the conflict at a meeting point between the two is a clear indicator that the relationship works and very well.

And a plus: Those who start by themselves to improve things not only build on the positive but usually infect their partner with their attitude. Who comes out winning? Both, of course.


8. They show their Admiration for their Partner

Don’t we drool when we see that one of our friends expresses openly and with the greatest naturalness in the world how much he loves something about his partner?

When you really love a person, not only does their way of filling you and you let them know, but it flows spontaneously to share everything wonderful that you see in them with the people around you.



Therefore, when you witness this gesture between two people who love each other, you think you are in a healthy relationship.


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