8 Women's Bags Trends for Summer 2022

8 Women’s Bags Trends for Summer 2022

8 Women’s Bags Trends for Summer 2022 Every Women Need to Try 

If the diamond is a woman’s best friend, the handbag stands out by taking the place of the best companion. For this new season, several models of handbags will delight fashionistas. Discover the 8 women’s bags trends for summer 2022.


Summer 2022 trends: XXL Bags are Back


You no longer risk forgetting anything with an XXL handbag. Quite sophisticated, but ideal for carrying everything you need during the day, the oversized bag will be on the rise this summer. The creators favored leather in order to bring maximum allure and resistance to this favorite accessory for women. In addition, light-colored leather totes offer a very elegant style to their owner.

There’s nothing like it to spice up your summer look. There is no particular rule for carrying an XXL bag: fingertips, forearm, or shoulder, as long as you feel comfortable. There are different variations of the women’s bag offered by many brands to follow the trends of summer 2022.


1). Bags with Rhinestones for Fashionistas

Here is one of the bags that will be in vogue this summer: rhinestone shoulder bags. If you don’t have one in your dressing room yet, don’t wait any longer and go to your favorite store. Think again, glitter and all the little things that sparkle aren’t just for parties anymore.

Rhinestones are now allowed on a daily basis, especially to perfect a casual look. Besides, the more it shines, the more fashionistas love it! All brands are crazy about these bags, so you will find one to your liking and above all adapted to your budget. The summer of 2022 promises to be explosive with all this brilliance.


2). The Baguette Bag, Bag for Summer 2022

We all remember these little bags from the 1990s – 2000s. This year, they are making a comeback. Impossible to say that your dressing room is in if you don’t yet have a baguette bag in your collection. Fashion designers have not changed its textured and colorful features.

If you are one of those who like to carry their bag on their shoulder, you will surely love this little companion. Here again, the leather will not be put aside, because this material remains the most preferred for this model. Paris Hilton and Britney Spears will remember the good old days when they see fashionistas again in flare pants with a baguette bag on their shoulder.


3). The Gadget Shoulder Bag

This creation seems to be the most original and the most practical that we have discovered in recent years. Indeed, there is no better way to wear your everyday gadgets in a stylish way. By 2021, the water bottle has become essential equipment. So much so that leatherworkers rushed to find a fashion tip to always keep it at hand.

Likewise, for phones, they will slip elegantly into your gadget bag. As this accessory is light and safe, you can store your keys, identity documents, or even your credit card. The colors and patterns of these bags vary according to the creativity of the brands. Who says better for the summer of 2022?


4). Bags of Colors, and Even More Colors

Black handbags will always have a bright future ahead of them. Nevertheless, it must be said that currently, the brighter colors are trendy. Yellow, pink, green, and orange are among the tones that will dominate shop windows this summer. Impossible to go unnoticed with these colorful handbags when you go to the office or to a special event. Its size will allow you to store your wallet, keys, smartphone, and other small items such as your lipstick. This bag will never leave you, you will like to carry it on your shoulder or across the body. On an urban outfit or on a casual evening outfit, this model of handbag seems the ideal accessory. Go for a total blue or purple look, the monochrome will be very trendy in the summer of 2022.


5). The XXL Chain Bag

Adopt a rock look with a micro handbag with an XXL metal chain. The large gold or silver links on the handle adorn our favorite companions this summer 2022. There’s something for everyone: python prints, leather models, baguettes, or crescent-style bags.

The choice is yours, if you are one of those who only want to go out with the bare minimum, this model is for you. Swap your black shoulder strap for this irresistible and very trendy micro bag. Take it with fresh and quirky color to bring a fun touch to your look.


6). The Unbeatable Bowling Bag

An essential piece of the 2000s, bowling bags are back in the spotlight on the catwalks of the summer 2022 collection. As practical as the tote bag, this summer, the bowling bag is again among bags.

Rediscover your bowling bag in a design that adopts a sportswear universe with a touch bearing the image of the design house. Fashionistas have already adopted it, why not you? For a summery look, pair it with a long flowing dress or destroyed jeans as well as trainers with large platforms.


7). The Trendy Bucket Handbag

The bucket bag is still and always so trendy. This summer 2022, is once again one of the must-haves. In mini or maxi format, choose the bag that suits you so that you can easily store your personal belongings. The bucket bag appeals to all women thanks to its many looks: structured, supple, worked, or soft.

Its little extra is that it has a good chance of lasting for all the seasons of this new year. A true everyday companion, the bucket bag is also available in different colors to match your outfit perfectly. Opt for the camel color so as to sport a timeless look.


8). A Leather Bag Forever

The woman wants to be demanding when she offers herself a handbag. She carefully scrutinizes the model, the color, and especially the material which must be noble. This is why designers often rely on leather. Resistant over time, versatile, and easy to work with, this material meets the expectations of the most demanding customers. Don’t wait any longer, choose the leather bag of your dreams for summer 2022!



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