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9 Simple Smartphone Life Hacks to Extend Lifetime

Extend Your Smartphone's lifetime with these quick mobile phone hacks.

Batteries are a weak point for many modern gadgets. However, with the help of some manipulations, you can extend the life of the device after charging. Let’s discuss what needs to be done so that your smartphone does not fall at the most inconvenient moment during the working day.

9 Phone Hacks to Extend Your Smartphone’s Lifetime

Here below are the simple settings that can be turned off to save your smartphone’s battery and lifetime.

1) Turn off the GPS

One of the main consumers of charge is an active GPS module. The curious thing is that the worse the signal, the more energy is spent to find a stable connection. If you are not using the GPS navigation function, turning it off is better to save battery power.

2) No vibration

The vibration accompanying calls, signals, and feedback during typing are energy-consuming. If you don’t want to turn off this option completely, you can deactivate it partially.

3) Limit 3G/4G

Using data transmission according to 3G and 4G standards makes it possible to use high-speed Internet. However, unfortunately, they quickly drain the smartphone. The 2G module consumes much less power.

4) Do not overheat

Try to avoid extreme temperatures, not only cold but also heat. You should not keep your smartphone in direct sunlight because the optimal temperature for using the gadget should be between 16 and 22 degrees.

5) Do not overcook

Lithium-ion batteries, used in most smartphones, quickly lose their charge in the cold. The colder it gets outside, the faster the battery drains, negatively affecting your device’s battery life. To avoid the smartphone battery draining quickly, it is best to keep it in a warm place, such as an inside pocket of a jacket. In addition, consider buying a headset.

6) Reduce brightness

One of the most energy-consuming functions of a smartphone is the screen backlight, which quickly drains the battery. To extend the device’s operating time, you should lower the brightness to a comfortable level and turn off auto-adjustment, as it consumes energy.

7) Sleep mode

To increase the operating time of your smartphone, it is recommended to adjust (decrease) the time when the device goes into sleep mode. The screen function in activity mode consumes a significant part of the smartphone’s energy, so reducing the screen time to a comfortable minimum will be correct.

8) Flight mode

Airplane mode is not only a function that can be used on an airplane but also in any other situation where you need to save your device’s charge. It lets you turn off cellular communication, WI-FI, Bluetooth, and GPS, significantly reducing energy consumption. However, the options for reading books, listening to music, and watching videos remain in airplane mode.

9) Remove the excess

Remove unnecessary programs. Many start automatically and work even without using them on your device. Some of these programs habitually start without your consent and consume smartphone resources. Go through the list of installed programs and remove any apps you don’t use or have left, hoping you’ll need them someday.

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