Actress Sravani commits suicide

Telugu TV serial actress Sravani commits suicide by hanging herself

Actress Sravani is a native of Andhra Pradesh she starred in several TV serials. She is still starring in some TV serials. Yesterday it was found that Actress Sravani commits suicide. In this situation, the person who went to her room after talking to her parents last Tuesday did not come out for a long time.

The parents then knocked on the door. They have broken down the door as there was no response. Then Sravani was hanging on the fan. Relatives who subsequently rescued her were taken to hospital. Doctors who examined her there said she was dead.

Telugu TV Star Sravani committed suicide

According to police, Sravani’s parents have accused a man from Kakinada of harassing her and calling for action against him. They have also complained about this. Based on the complaint, a case has been registered under Section 306 (incitement to suicide) of the IPC. An investigation is underway. ”