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10 Richest Sportsmen of All Time In The World

All-Time Richest Sportsmen and Athletes, Along Their Net Worth 

Sports such as football, golf, volleyball, basketball, and even Formula 1 have been gaining popularity for several years now. Athletes from all kinds of sports have made us proud and envious of their talents. Moreover, it is none other than thanks to their prowess that they have succeeded, throughout their career, in generating a colossal fortune. Here below is the list of the all-time richest athletes and sportsmen in the world.


Richest Sportsmen and Athletes of All Time [Updated 2021]

1. Michael Jordan: $1.9 Billion Net Worth

Want to know who is the richest athlete of all time? It is among others only MJ, the basketball player who managed to impress the public as soon as he entered the field, in his debut. Over the years, thanks to his talent and agility, he managed to win 6 NBA titles. In 2010, he bought the Charlotte Hornets team. And in 2020, his personal fortune is still estimated at 1.9 billion.

2. Tiger Woods: $1 Billion Net Worth 

Tiger Woods is certainly not the richest man of all time. But he is THE richest golfer there is. Thanks to his brilliant professional career, his fortune stands at $ 1 billion. Note that he has already signed contracts with renowned brands to name only Nike.

3. Floyd Mayweather: $800 Million Net Worth 

50 wins and 0 losses, this is Floyd Mayweather’s record, which has earned him a place among the best boxers in the world. Thanks to this, he was also able to earn a significant amount of money. In 2017, he even managed to take home $200 million by winning a fight against Conor McGregor. Today his fortune is estimated at close to 800 million and the class 3rd position in the top 10.

4. Michael Schumacher: $700 Milion Net Worth 

Yes, in the sports discipline which is Formula 1, Michael Schumacher is the richest. The German pilot has won the title of world champion 7 times with 91 victories. During his accident, several rumors circulated suggesting that he would have spent a fortune to get back on his feet. But the rumors are unfounded. Although he spent a few fortunes on his recovery, Michael Schumacher still finds himself in the ranking of the most fortunate sportsmen with his wealth exceeding $ 700 million.


5. Magic Johnson: $600 Million Net Worth

Leisurely enjoy your drink from your universal beer tap, and brace yourself to discover the rest of this ranking of the richest men in the world. Magic Johnson is certainly one of the best basketball players there is. He marked his career with his incredible outlook on the game. At the same time, he had the ability to make almost surprising and sometimes even unsuspected passes.

Just like Kobe Bryant, he landed 5 NBA titles and earned over $ 20 million in income during his professional career. Now retired, he succeeded in founding the company Magic Johnson, a company whose turnover is estimated at several hundred million dollars. To be more precise, today his fortune is 600 million dollars.


6. Roger Staubach: $600 Million Net Worth 

If you are a die-hard American football fan, you certainly know Roger Staubach. He played as a quarterback and joined the Dallas Cowboys team. With this team, he won the Super Bowls on several occasions. Being a talented player, he was particularly well paid. Indeed, his wealth is now estimated at nearly $600 million. And although he does not appear in the billionaire ranking, there remains at least 5th in the ranking of the richest sportsmen.

7. Cristiano Ronaldo: $42 Million Net Worth

Did you expect to see CR7 at the top of this ranking? No. If he is the richest footballer in the world, then surely he would be in the first place. But here he is still tied with Kobe Bryant and Roger Federer. Indeed, Ronaldo’s fortune also stands at $ 450 million.

Namely that he joined Real Madrid for the sum of 94 million euros, the same income as Neymar Jr during this year. As for Kylian Mbappe, although he is the player with the greatest fortune in France, he currently has an estimated fortune of $ 42 million. Behind him is Paul Pogba with $34 million.

8. Roger Federer: $160 Million net Worth

With his fortune of $450 million, Roger Federer is tied with Kobe Bryant. In the past twelve months, he has collected around 106 million dollars, a titanic sum that he has managed to accumulate by signing sponsorship contracts. Namely that Nike and Gillette are among the partners with whom the athlete is committed.

9. Kobe Bryant: $450 Million Net Worth 

His tragic fate has broken the hearts of many fans. The five-time NBA winner died suddenly a few months ago. Kobe Bryant was among the group of seven players who scored nearly 30,000 in his career. But even after his tragic death, it remains up to now in 9 the position in the ranking of the richest in the world with his fortune amounting to 450 million.

10. Lionel Messi: $400 Million net Worth 

No, Messi’s fortune has yet to rise to over $ 1 billion. For now, it is not yet on the list of billionaires but is still in 10th position among the 50 richest people in the world. The Argentinian footballer who has won the Golden Ball five times has been the most talented and prestigious player in the Barcelona team for a long time.

His spectacular performances have allowed him to score over the course of his career, nearly 700 goals in just 913 games. Being one of the greatest players of all time, Messi has an estimated fortune of $400 million.

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