Android Users Switching to iPhone in Huge Numbers

Android Users Switching to iPhone in Huge Numbers

Apple’s iPhone have become even more attractive to Android users, and in the US they are switching to iOS in huge numbers. This is stated in a study by analysts of Consumer Intelligence Research Partners ( CIRP ).

“15% of new iPhone owners report that their last smartphone was an Android mobile device. This is 4% more than last year and 5% more than in 2020 and 2021 ,” the study says.

A new survey also showed that Apple is attracting the most buyers with Android gadgets in the last five years. According to CIRP, Apple’s smartphone also reached a new record average selling price of just under $1,000.

The last time former Android users made up 15% of new iPhone buyers was in 2018. The highest share was recorded in 2016 – 21%.

According to the study, only 2% of new iPhone buyers said they bought a regular phone or bought an iPhone for the first time. 83% said they used to have an iPhone.

According to statistics, 15% of new iOS owners said that they last used smartphones with Android OS preinstalled. This indicator exceeded last year’s by 4%, as well as by 5% – registered in 2020-2021.

The last time the current result was recorded was only in 2018. In 2016, the number of new iOS users who switched to it from Android was the maximum – 21%.

At the same time, only 2% of new iPhone owners noted that they bought it for the first time. The majority had previously used devices from the American corporation Apple.

In addition, “apple” smartphones, according to analysts’ calculations, broke yet another record of the average cost of sales. Now this indicator is slightly less than one thousand dollars.

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