Angelo Mathews Given Timed Out in Cricket World Cup 2023

Angelo Mathews Given Timed Out in Cricket World Cup 2023

Cricket World Cup 2023: Angelo Mathews was given timed out during Sri Lanka’s match against Bangladesh in Delhi on Monday.

Angelo Mathews became the first batter in the history of international cricket to be given Timed Out.

When Sadeera Samarawickrama was out, Mathews walked in to bat at No. 6, but he had to walk back before he could face a single ball. This is a strange first in international cricket.

As a replacement player, the experienced Sri Lankan all-rounder came into the World Cup at the last minute. He didn’t understand why Bangladesh made an appeal while he fixed a problem with his helmet.

It took place in Sri Lanka’s 25th over of their game. Sadeera Samarawickrama was out for Bangladesh by captain Shakib Al Hasan. Mathews was the next batter to come up. Mathews was a little late because his helmet wasn’t working right.

Even though he walked slowly to the middle, it took him a while because his helmet was giving him trouble. He couldn’t get to the line, so he asked for someone else to help.

They asked for a time-out, and the judges had to give it to them because that’s what the rules said to do. Both Mathews and the referee got very heated in their conversation.

In his defense, Mathews said the strap was flawed. Matthews tried to make his case to the umpires and Shakib, but Shakib refused to drop the appeal.

What is the Timed Out Rule

This is what the Cricket World Cup 2023 playing rules say about “timed out”:

40.1.1 When a wicket falls or a batter retires, the next batter must be ready to take the ball within two minutes, unless Time has already been called. The hitter who comes up will be out (Timed out) if this condition is not met.

Mathews had to be sent back to the stand after the appeal because it took him more than three minutes to face his first ball. A batter was out because they were “timed out” for the first time in international cricket, whether it was for men or women.

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