Apple HomePod Mini Smart Speaker Price and Release Date

Apple announces HomePod mini smart speaker with strong iPhone integration

The new Apple HomePod Mini is Apple’s first smart speaker to compete with Google Nest Audio (formerly Google Home) and Amazon Echo. Apple announced this Tuesday, October 13 the first variant of its smart soundbox, called HomePod mini. The gadget has an audio calculation system to adapt the sound to the environment and is a direct competitor of Google Nest Audio, as well as Amazon Echo which is already available for sale in the market.

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The first HomePod was announced in June 2017 at Apple’s developer event WWDC. The launch didn’t take place until February of the following year, after successive delays, and put the Apple company in the smart speaker market which already has names like Google and Amazon.

On the outside, the HomePod is essentially a miniature version of the original model, with a fabric finish and a touchscreen on top. In terms of dimensions, the gadget is just over half the size of the first HomePod and weighs about half the weight.

Inside is the Apple S5, a chip that’s also responsible for everything that happens in the Apple Watch Series 5 and SE. As the soundbox is larger and stays in the socket all the time, the processor is certainly looser to run without fear of being happy – even for a soundbox, where the chip speed isn’t really. an essential point.

One of the hallmarks of this chip is computer audio, which uses the only speaker in the gadget to scan the environment 180 times per second. The result equalizes the sound to play in the best possible way, more or less like the original HomePod already does.

Another is the greater integration between a HomePod mini and an iPhone. When the user listens to music on his smartphone, he just has to approach the soundbox to play it instantly on the gadget. Apple’s smart speaker most likely uses UWB (Ultra-Wide Band) technology for this, as 11 iPhones are compatible with it.

You can group multiple Mini HomePods together so that any music, podcast, or radio streaming is played to all of them at the same time. Finally, the smart speaker has three microphones pointed outward to understand the “Siri” command, alongside a fourth microphone that comes in and cancels out the sound. The idea is to help understand the user’s voice.

Apple HomePod Mini Smart Speaker Price and Release Date

The Apple HomePod mini will launch on November 16 at a price of $99 that’s only 28.6% of the cost of launching the first HomePod. The pre-sale of Apple HomePod will take place from November 6.