Apple iMac 24 Inch (2021) Review

Apple iMac 24 Inch (2021) Review

Apple iMac 24 Inch (2021) Review

The new Apple iMac 24-inch promises a great performance experience as well as a vibrant and polished design. With the release of the iMac 2021, Apple has managed to create one of its most iconic products. Unlike the previous iMac, the 2021 model looks great with its modern and elegant f-shape. Let’s the review 2021 Apple iMac 24-inch.

Apple also launched the iMac (24-inch, 2021) in seven vibrant colors; it’s a very welcome play by Apple, reminiscent of the days of the iMac G3. For a nice touch, the Magic Keyboard, Mouse, and Trackpad all come in the same color as your chosen iMac. Also MacOS Big Sur element of the user interfaces in the same color. It’s a nice overall effect. Let’s take a look at Apple’s dazzling new generation iMac together.



In our previous reviews of the latest iMacs; We complained about the fact that Apple has stuck to a design that has largely remained unchanged since 2009 (and that design was only a minor change from the 2007 iMac). other computer manufacturers such as Microsoft and Lenovo; While we were doing exciting things with the form factor, the iMac was starting to feel outdated.  Its iconic design had become more of a curse than a blessing.

Therefore, by making changes to the design of the iMac, Apple recently; while giving it a bold and modern look; We’re also very pleased to see that it retains that excellent Apple look.

From all promotional materials and photos in this review; The most obvious change you’ll probably notice is the overall look of the iMac. The device comes in seven colors and allows you to choose the model that suits you best.

Apple iMac colors include green, yellow, orange, pink, purple, blue, and silver (but you’re limited to green, pink, blue, and silver for the entry-level model). If you remember in the late ’90s and early 2000s; Before Apple moves to the same gray color scheme for every computer it releases; this variety of colors was the norm for the iMac.

However, no new paint has yet been applied to the iMac (24-inch, 2021). A little more rectangular, reminiscent of the latest iPhones; It’s thinner and more compact than ever before, thanks largely to the addition of the Apple M1 chip that powers this iMac.

This is Apple’s Logic Board to greatly reduce the iMac to reduce the volume by 50% and only 11.5 mm it allows you to have a delicacy. As we mentioned, all these are; this happened when increasing the screen from 21.5 inches to 24 inches where this iMac layer was in the past.

Also compared to the previous 21.5-inch iMac’s 5.68 kg weight; Let’s also say that it is significantly lighter at 4.48 kg. The new iMac is light indeed. All-in-one computers by their nature; as there is no need to connect cables to a monitor and is available on the new iMac (and Magic); More compact and easier to set up than traditional computers, thanks to a wireless keyboard and mouse.



The power adapter has also been redesigned. So now with the return of Apple’s MagSafe technology, it easily attaches to the iMac via magnets. This makes plugging in the cable quick and easy, as its placement on previous iMacs could make this difficult.

Also, on high-end models, the power adapter has a Gigabit Ethernet port. So just plug your network cable into it. This is another nice touch. The power adapter also complements your iMac’s color selection; There is a 2 meter woven cable. An attractive and convenient way to plug in and power up your iMac.

Like the power cable, Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse, and Magic Touchpad are color-matched; and when you run macOS Big Sur (the latest version of the Mac operating system), you will notice that certain elements of the user interface, such as the desktop background, use the same color as your iMac.

Same time; It should also be noted that Apple’s surprising decision to place the charging port for the mouse on the bottom of the device. This means you cannot use the mouse while charging. Strangely, this continues when Apple is so meticulous about refurbishing the iMac.

However, there have been some big changes to the Magic Keyboard. Emoji, Spotlight, Do Not Disturb, and instantly; it comes with new buttons for locking (accessed via the Fn key and the top F keys). Also, on high-end iMac models, the keyboard now comes with a Touch ID.

It works similarly to Touch ID on a MacBook or iPhone – once you set it up, place your finger on the Touch ID button, but you’ll be instantly signed in to the iMac. This button is for switching between user accounts and using Apple Pay; It also works for making secure payments for things online.


Keyboard and Ports

Because the keyboard is wireless, Apple; made sure that the transfer of your fingerprint is safe and secure. And during our testing of the 2021 iMac, we found it works well; quickly identified our fingerprint. It also logged us in with no perceptible delay.

The new design of the iMac (24-inch, 2021) also brings changes to the array of ports on the back. The base model has two Thunderbolt/USB 4 Type-C ports that offer 40Gbps data transfer rates. More expensive models also include two additional USB 3 Type-C ports with 10Gb/s data rates.

The performance difference between these ports; your peripherals, especially external hard drives; means you’ll want to make sure you’re plugging it into the correct ports. The faster USB 4 ports stand out with lightning bolts above them. However, these are hard to find in a dark corner of the room, behind the iMac.

The power button remains in the left corner of the back of the iMac, but the headphone port has been moved to the left side of the screen. That makes it easy to access, and because of how thin the iMac is, there is speculation that Apple should have put it there. because that means it can’t put the audio port on the back.

The simplicity of port selection means the back of the iMac looks neat and stylish. But once again, if you have docks that don’t use USB- C connectors, it means you’ll need an adapter. Also, if you choose the base model of the iMac, you may find that just two ports are not enough. And this model also has no Ethernet port on the power adapter.

While this shouldn’t be an issue for most people, like all models of the new iMac (24-inch, 2021) come with  Wi-Fi 6 support, you’ll have to rely on a wireless internet connection. If you need a wired connection; you need to buy an adapter again; (or consider getting an iMac model with a Gigabit Ethernet port built into the power supply ).



The iMac’s new and improved display (24-inch, 2021) is another highlight. Apple has shrunk the bezel around the screen by almost 50%; that’s just the total size of the new iMac; Not much larger than the 21.5-inch model; Not only does it provide a larger 24-inch screen; it also makes the new iMac feel much better.

The entire screen is gorgeous, with 4.5K Retina resolution equivalent to 4480 x 2520 and a pixel density of 218ppi (pixels per inch). When we compare it with the 4K (4096 x 2304) resolution of the previous model; offering the best image quality we’ve seen in recent all-in-ones; we have achieved a much more enhanced screen experience.


Apple iMac 24 Inch (2021) Review



Apple’s big changes to the iMac (24-inch, 2021) don’t just start outside. Because of this, Apple M1 raw p I first iMac with employees. This is running Mac mini (M1, 2020), MacBook Pro 13-inch, (M1, 2020), and MacBook Air (M1, 2020); same chip and replaces the Intel processors that previously powered the iMac.

Apple’s transition from Intel to its processor; was a brave move. but all the other M1 devices impressed us with their performance. Switching to the M1 chip, according to Apple; It means the 2021 iMac is up to 85% faster than the previous Intel silicon-based iMac. Meanwhile, Apple is one of the fastest GPUs of the iMac; It claims to have up to 2x faster GPU performance.

Also, in the new iMac, you can choose between an M1 chip with an 8-core CPU (with four performance cores and four efficiency cores) and a 7-core or 8-core GPU. As with the previous M1-supported Macs; macOS Big Sur starts fast and generally feels very lively. Even with multiple apps open at the same time, switching between them was quick and smooth.



Apple to support the M1 processor; On acquiring major third-party applications such as Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Office; continued to do a great job and as well as all Apple apps; most now run locally on the M1.

As for older apps that don’t have an M1 version yet; You can run them without too much trouble thanks to Apple’s Rosetta 2 tool, which ensures that apps made for Intel hardware run on M1 Macs with minimal problems. Overall, the iMac does an impressive job, and we can bet you’ll have a hard time figuring out if an app is running on Rosetta 2.

SSD is nice and fast too. This macOS Big Sur and its various applications are loaded quickly, and it also means file transfers are incredibly fast. 3 GB We move a file from the folder to an external hard drive iMac. It was impressive to see it take less than five seconds.

To take the iMac (24″, 2021) step by step, we installed Final Cut Pro (now an M1-exclusive app) and did some editing on an 8K video. It’s heavy stuff, but like the MacBook Pro 13-inch (M1, 2020), the iMac performed very well. Browsing 8K content, previewing, and editing clips was seamless, and at no point did the iMac’s fan cooling system kick in and distract us.

While video editing pros may want to stick with the 27-inch iMac (or wait to see what Apple brings) for the added performance a dedicated GPU will bring, the iMac (24-inch, 2021) is the perfect thing for hobbyists looking to edit home videos.


Speaker and Sound

The speaker in the 2021 iMac, which Apple claims is ” the best speaker ever in a Mac “, compliments the display well. There are two pairs of stress-reducing woofers for deep bass notes, and they use the same technology found in MacBooks that allows for bass sounds without vibrating the thin device they come from.

Including spatial audio with Dolby Atmos, and overall the iMac’s sound quality is also very good, delivering volumes that easily fill the room without distortion. Bass was a bit lacking, which made it sound slightly thin with some music, but clarity was great with a comparable speaker that far outperformed competing all-in-ones with the sound produced by the iMac. With the new iMac, you won’t need external speakers.

There’s also a studio-quality three-microphone array that delivers excellent results thanks to its advanced noise-canceling capability. There’s also beamforming, so the microphones can pick up your voice clearly no matter where you sit relative to them.



The iMac (24-inch, 2021) webcam has also improved. Besides the resolution increase, it has a larger sensor for better low-light performance; The advanced image signal processor (ISP) feature of the M1 chip further improves image quality. This provides an overall excellent picture from the built-in webcam with excellent colors, high clarity, and very little lag.


Improvements to webcams and microphones are particularly important to so many people who work from home these days and rely heavily on video calling for both professional and social purposes. If you’re someone who frequents Zoom and Skype calls, the iMac is for you.



-Great display

-Stunning new design

-Great webcam

-Very good performance



-Lack of port -Mouse charging is still awkward



Where to Buy Apple iMac 24-inch 2021

The iMac (24-inch, 2021) is a huge improvement over its 21.5-inch predecessor in almost every way. It has a better, bigger screen, a new, modern and colorful design, and offers great performance for the same price. If you’re looking for an all-in-one PC for work and play, the new iMac is for you.

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