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Apple Introduces iOS 17 Update, What’s New Features?

Apple presented at the WWDC conference the next big update of its operating system for iPhone – iOS 17. The update contains several innovations.


Personalized contact screen; The user can adjust how the call from him will look on the screens of other people. Live Voicemail; voicemail with a transcription of the message left by the voice. FaceTime; the ability to leave a video message to the person you couldn’t reach.


  • Search filters for faster search of messages
  • Text transcription of voice messages
  • Sending information about the location to the interlocutor, informing about the arrival at the destination and the charge level of the smartphone
  • Simplified access to built-in “Messages” mini-applications
  • New stickers: all emojis are converted into stickers, and “live photos” can be converted into stickers


The possibility of simplified exchange of contacts, photos, and other content – you can simply bring one smartphone to another. Data is transmitted over a secure wireless connection.


Improved word correction based on artificial intelligence. Correcting whole phrases.


The new Journal application is a personalized diary in which you can save moments of your life and set goals. Artificial intelligence tells you exactly what can be saved, and notifications will help you not to forget to write down important things.

Standby mode

The always-on screen can be used as a clock, calendar, or photo frame when iPhone is on a table and connected to a charger. Widgets can be displayed on the screen, and the interface of some of them can be flexibly configured.


The voice assistant is now called simply by a Siri command and supports even more commands.

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