Apple iPhone 12 and iPad Air 4 Heat Up During Gaming

Apple iPhone 12 and iPad Air 4 Heat Up During Gaming

Apple iPhone 12 and the brand new iPad Air 4 heat up during games due to processor problems

Apple’s latest processor A14 Bionic debuted in September, along with the announcement of the iPad Air 4. And, as it turned out, this tablet, along with the iPhone 12, quite significantly heat up during gaming due to problems with the company’s new chip.

An Internet insider under the nickname MauriQHD published a post on his Twitter account, in which he reported the above problem. According to him, it is about heating in the “most demanding”, “if not all” games. The problem is manifested not only in the form of problems withdrawing textures but also in a decrease in frame rate, which can be critical for some genres of games.

According to the insider, the reasons for this behavior of the Apple A14 may be several. He calls the main poor optimization and problems in the production of 5-nm chips. Be that as it may, Apple should solve this problem as soon as possible, because such “sores” are clearly not appropriate for Apple devices.

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