Apple announces iPhone 12, 12 mini, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max and HomePod Mini

Apple announces iPhone 12 Lineup, 12 mini, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max and HomePod Mini

The Apple new iPhone 12 lineup includes four smartphones from the unusually compact Mini to the already familiar Pro Max. The company also introduced a new smart wireless speaker. Apple has introduced a new line of smartphones iPhone 12, 12 mini, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max, and HomePod Mini.

Apparently, the company simply did not have time to put everything in order. So, a month ago we saw only the new Apple Watch, iPad, and Apple One service. A detailed overview of these new products can be found at this link.

This time we were shown a new device – a wireless speaker HomePod mini. But the lion’s share of the presentation was dedicated to new smartphones, about which, in fact, much was already known before the presentation. For example, the fact that the line for the first time there was a modification marked Mini, which is very close in size to the second-generation iPhone SE.

Apple iPhone 12 Lineup looks like this:

  • iPhone 12 mini – the smallest device in the family with a 5.4-inch screen;
  • iPhone 12 – the basic smartphone in the line with a diagonal of 6.1 inches, which, according to experts, should become the most popular;
  • iPhone 12 Pro – has the same screen size as the base version, but is better equipped;
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max – the largest version of the family with a screen of 6.7 inches.

In this generation, Apple has decided to abandon the IPS matrix altogether. Even the initial versions of the iPhone 12 are equipped with OLED screens. Another common feature of all devices is support for 5G with the ability to automatically switch to 4G.

New recharging capabilities should be noted separately. All smartphones in the line support MagSafe – a wireless technology that allows you to quickly and easily “refuel” the phone. To do this, all versions of the iPhone 12 are equipped with special magnets around the induction element. These magnets “stick” to wireless charging, which makes the process of charging the battery as efficient as possible.

MagSafe technology will be supported by a variety of Apple accessories – cases, wireless chargers, and even wallets for bank cards. The company also demonstrated the MagSafe Duo – a charger that can charge iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time. But there is not a word about the battery capacity of the iPhone 12 family in Apple’s presentation. Also, the company does not provide this information on its official website.

The back and front panels are made of glass, which, according to company representatives, is very strong. The presentation said that the iPhone 12 holds four times a better impact when falling. But from the context, it was not entirely clear with what exactly Apple compares the strength of the novelty.

The new A14 Bionic processor includes a new graphics core with four cores, which guarantees a 50% higher speed than any other mobile chip. Also in the processor by 70% accelerated the processing of machine learning tasks.

These are probably the main common features of the new iPhone family. Now let’s look at all the devices in more detail.

Apple iPhone 12 and 12 mini Specifications 

  • Display: iPhone 12 mini – 5.4, iPhone 12 – 6.1 inches, Super Retina XDR;
  • Autonomy: battery capacity – no data, wireless charging (up to 15 watts);
  • Chipset: A14 Bionic;
  • Level of protection against dust and moisture: IP68;
  • Main camera: 12 MP (wide), 12 MP (ultra wide);
  • Front camera: 12 MP;

Apple iPhone 12 and Apple iPhone 12 Mini Price in the USA: iPhone 12 mini is $699, iPhone 12 is $799. Apple called the iPhone 12 mini the smallest, thinnest, and lightest smartphone with 5G support. The youngest member of the “family” weighs only 135 grams. And in size, it is smaller than the SE of the second generation.

In fact, the size and diagonal of the screen are the only differences between the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini. The first smartphone is about 15 millimeters taller and only 7.3 millimeters wider. This made it about 30 grams heavier than the mini-version.

Both smartphones have a main camera with two 12 MP modules: wide and ultra-wide. Initial versions feature dual optical and 5x digital zoom. And the video can be written in 4k resolution.

From now on, ultra-wide and front-facing cameras support night shooting. The front camera here is also 12 MP. As for autonomy, Apple claims: iPhone 12 mini can play video for 15 hours. And the iPhone 12 version can do it for two hours longer.

The smartphones support MagSafe wireless charging up to 15 watts, as well as fast-charging up to 20 watts. If you use the latter, up to 50% of both devices can be “refueled” in about 30 minutes.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max Specifications 

  • Display: iPhone 12 Pro – 6.1, iPhone 12 Pro Max – 6.7 inches, Super Retina XDR;
  • Autonomy: battery capacity – no data, wireless charging (up to 15 watts);
  • Chipset: A14 Bionic;
  • Level of protection against dust and moisture: IP68;
  • Main camera: 12 MP (wide), 12 MP (ultra wide), 12 MP (telephoto);
  • Front camera: 12 MP;

The Apple iPhone 12 Pro and Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max price in the US: iPhone 12 Pro is $999, iPhone 12 Pro Max is $1099

The main difference between the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max from the basic versions, in addition to size, is that the cameras are cooler, both main and front. In addition to wide and ultra-wide modules, there is also a telephoto lens.

iPhone 12 Pro has a quadruple optical zoom. In the “maximum” version, the optics can be magnified five times. Also, Pro-versions are equipped with a leader, which allows you to take better photos in low light. And the “smart” feature of Deep Fusion, which glues several pictures into one, now works with all cameras of the smartphone.

Another feature of Pro-versions – AppleProRAW. This is a new format of uncompressed images with a lot of data. Pictures in it can be obtained from both the main camera and the front. You can process such pictures in Apple Photo and other applications.

Apple HomePod Mini Smart Wireless Speaker

The HomePod mini is a small “smart” wireless speaker that integrates Siri. The surface of the device is made of woven fabric. Top – touch screen. Apple officials claim that the HomePod mini provides good 360-degree sound. In addition, the speaker is equipped with a new chip that analyzes the environment and adjusts the sound accordingly.

In addition, two “smart” speakers in one room are automatically connected to each other, creating a stereo system. Through the HomePod mini and Siri, you can access applications on your iPhone. For example, send a message in a messenger via a column. In addition, the speaker recognizes voices. That is, if several people live in the house, only you will have access to your iPhone.

You can also send a voice message from one HomePod mini speaker to another. Apple HomePod Mini Smart Speaker Price is only 100 dollars, which is quite cheap for Apple.


Apple iPhone 12 lineup has every chance to become a bestseller of the company. The basic version of the smartphone looks very attractive. In addition, the smartphone has a form factor similar to the iPhone 5s, the design of which, we can say, has become a classic for the company. So many fans of the brand will like the novelty.

Mini-version is no less interesting. However, it is probably too small for the modern world of “mobile shovels” to become very popular. But it will definitely find its buyer, for whom the compact size is important.

Pro-versions, as always, are designed for fans of videos and photos. For those who are not interested in shooting on a more professional level, these smartphones do not make any sense.