Apple iPhone 12 Price is Higher than iPhone 11

Apple iPhone 12 Price is Higher than iPhone 11

In recent weeks, rumors have been circulating that the upcoming iPhone 12 will be available at a lower price than its predecessor, the iPhone 11. But, as it turned out, a more likely scenario in which the new Apple smartphone will be even more expensive than before.


Apple iPhone 12 Price 

Anyway, this follows from a recent leak published by internet insiders from China. According to them, the price of the new iPhone 12 could reach $ 749, which is $ 50 higher than the cost of the iPhone 11 at launch in 2019. According to earlier rumors, the new smartphone of the apple company will lose the complete charger, and from the main innovations will receive 5G, the decision to increase the price seems extremely unreasonable.


Apple iPhone 12 Release Date 

It will be recalled that the announcement of the iPhone 12 is expected in October 2020. It is believed that the smartphone will run on the Apple A14 Bionic processor, which is already used in the latest iPad Air (2020).