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Apple iPhone 12 Rumors and Leaks

Apple iPhone 12 Rumors and Leaks

Apple iPhone 12 Rumors and Leaks

We have gathered all the rumors and leaks around the iPhone 12 range to come in September.  Apple is not immune to leaks, so we have gathered for you the information and rumors that we have so far around the new iPhone 12 coming in September.

One of the things we don’t know is the release date of the products. It will be postponed for a few weeks, Apple assured him. As for the press conference, for the moment it is announced for September 8, but there is nothing to certify that it will be maintained or canceled in the context of the current global health crisis.

We should expect a price increase of 50 dollars (and therefore very logically 50 €) compared to the previous range because of the implementation of 5G and OLED screens. A reminder of the prices of the previous range: iPhone 11 (€ 809), iPhone 11 Pro (€ 1159), and iPhone 11 Pro Max (€ 1259).

We, therefore, see iPhones with up to 6 GB of RAM, fast recharging, and very small batteries compared to Android standards which often run at more than 4000 mAh.

At the back of the phones, we find 4 sensors including the main module of 64MP. The LiDAR Scanner would provide a significant improvement for the depth of field (the back blur of portrait mode) according to rumors.

The iPhone 12s could shoot in 4K at 240 frames per second.

We still note the absence of USB-C, Apple, therefore, remaining with its proprietary Lightning port and not very ecological.

One of the phones could benefit from a refresh rate of 120Hz. The fingerprint sensor and the front camera / Face ID could be located under the screen and therefore make a screen completely borderless and without a notch.

Apple iPhone 12 Pre-Orders

In terms of pre-orders, it would be gradual: for the iPhone 12 and 12 Max we would have pre-orders from October 2 (and available a week later), and for the 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max it would be held on October 16 (and available a week after).

The September press conference would only concern the iPhone range, another conference on October 27 would be held for the iPad Pro range, Apple Glass and Macs ARM. Finally, the last conference could be held on March 23, 2021, where we would probably talk about a new iPhone SE, iPad Air, AirPods, and Apple Watch SE.

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