Apple is testing foldable iPhone for 2022

Apple is testing foldable iPhone for 2022

Apple is testing a foldable iPhone for 2022

Since the first foldable phones, Apple has continuously explored the possibilities of its own foldable iPhone. For months, various reports have speculated on Apple’s purchase and further development of foldable displays. It’s all a question of will. Today, a new report adds to the will argument. According to a Chinese source, Apple is testing a foldable iPhone for 2022.

According to the report, Chinese suppliers Foxconn and New Nikko sent foldable samples to Apple. If that’s true, the company is already in a serious phase of building its own foldable variant. Foxconn and New Nikko are apparently in charge of the hinge of the device. Apple had worked with New Nikko in the past for MacBook hinges.

As previously stated, Samsung is responsible for the foldable screen of the device. With both components already in the bag, a foldable iPhone is on its way to becoming reality.

According to the report, Apple is preparing for a launch in September 2022. Currently, the company’s projections come well behind those of other companies. Samsung, for example, will focus next year on a flagship series and a foldable main segment. By the end of 2021, Samsung would have already filled its foldable segment. Apple has a lot of catching up to do.

This year, Apple is already revamping its range. Compared to last year, the company has four devices: two in the standard flagship segment and two in the high-end flagship segment.



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