Apple MagSafe Wireless Charger Price and Details

Apple Introduces MagSafe technology for Wireless Charging

Along with the launch of the iPhone 12 series, Apple also introduced its new MagSafe Charger technology for wireless charging. With this technology, Apple simplifies the experience of charging new wireless iPhones and also announced 4 new accessories incorporating this technology.

The first accessory is the charger itself, which is a very simple charger compatible with the IQ standard and which contains the new MagSafe technology. It can regularly recharge a Qi-compatible device, but in particular, it can recharge the iPhone 12 series at a relatively fast power of 15W.

Two new first-party cases have been announced for all new iPhone models: the silicone case with MagSafe and the clear case with MagSafe. Both of these accessories contain the built-in MagSafe Magnetic Coils, so they can be stacked and recharged wirelessly.

Finally, Apple also introduced the Leather iPhone Wallet with MagSafe, which is a small leather pouch that magnetically clips to the back of the iPhone. The pouch is perfect for a small credit card and also contains the MagSafe magnetic coils.

Apple MagSafe Wireless Charger Price

The MagSafe Wireless charger is available at a price of $50 about 45 euros, the silicone case and transparent case are priced at $60 about 55 euros each, and the leather iPhone wallet with MagSafe is priced at $75 about 65 euros.