Apple WatchOS 7 Beta Version Available

Apple WatchOS 7 Beta Version Available

Apple has opened the watchOS 7 Beta version, the operating system of the Apple Watch, to the access of all users, the smartwatch, which was previously only available for developers to test. Users who want to download this beta will be able to get it through Apple’s beta program.

Beta versions of programs that are generally available to developers will be available to all users shortly thereafter. However, in the watchOS 7 beta version, this time was longer. The beta version available to all Apple Watch users can be downloaded and used on the Apple Beta Software Program site. Users need to register with the program to try these beta versions.

Regarding this update, Apple Watch users need to warn that if their device upgrades to watchOS 7, they will not be able to return to the previous software. So once you install it, there is no chance to go back to the old watchOS version. In addition, users who want to use the watchOS 7 betas need to upgrade their iPhone operating systems to iOS 14 beta.

What’s New With WatchOS 7

Apple is adding some innovations to its devices with watchOS 7. The first of these will be the Sleep Tracking feature, which includes features such as Wind Down for sleep patterns. In addition, weekly loud music listening time is controlled to protect the hearing sense and health of the user. In addition to all these, new watch skins, the ability to share these new watch faces, hand wash reminder features are added, while some improvements are coming for Apple Maps and Siri.

Apple recommends that users install this beta version after making sure that their devices do not have any important data lost due to potential data loss or other problems when installing this beta version.