53 popular apps get what you copy and paste

53 popular apps get what you copy and paste

Two computer security researchers claim that TikTok and 53 other popular apps that can get a copy and paste user-saved data in the clipboard. Concretely, it can be passwords, bank details, telephone numbers, without forgetting personal messages.

In March 2020, two computer security researchers discovered that several typical iOS applications have the annoying tendency to save the data recorded in the clipboard. Among them, we find TikTok, the juggernaut with its billion users.

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This practice poses severe risks to the safety of users. To navigate faster, it is not uncommon to copy and paste sensitive data, such as passwords, telephone numbers, bank details, or even personal messages. In total, the researchers flushed out 53 followers of the practice and published their discovery.

A dangerous and intolerable practice

According to computer security researchers Talal Haj Bakry and Tommy Misk, these apps voluntarily use an iOS programming interface to retrieve data from the clipboard. The icing on the cake, the two analysts, explain that if the user uses his Apple account on several nearby Apple devices (such as an iPad, Mac and iPhone), the three of them share a universal clipboard.

In other words, what you have saved in the iPhone clipboard, you can find on your iPad. Not surprisingly, this increases the chances that your applications will read your sensitive data. “These applications read the clipboard, and there is no reason to do that. An application that does not have a text field to enter text has no reason to read the text from the clipboard,” says Tommy Mack.

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A video on YouTube shows the extent of the damage, with dozens of applications readily accessing data from the clipboard. Among them, TikTok won the palm. It’s simple, and the Chinese application accesses the clipboard every time the user types punctuation or space!

On the side of the editor of TikTok, we defend ourselves, claiming that it was a security breach in an anti-spam protection tool. For the moment, it is not known if TikTok does the same practices on Android. As said above, TikTok is not the only one on the list, and there are popular apps like:

  • ABC News
  • NPR
  • The Huffington Post
  • Vice News
  • New York times
  • Fruit Ninja
  • Plants VS Zombies Heroes
  • PUBG Mobile
  • Weibo
  • com
  • AccuWeather
  • And many others…