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Architect Job Description, Skills, and Salary

How to Become an Architect? Architect Job description, Skills, and Salary

Have you always dreamed of becoming an architect as your job? Know that it is possible at any age. It is enough to do the right training, to do the right diplomas, and to have the right faculties for this job.

An architect designs and coordinates the construction of houses, buildings, or public buildings. From entire projects to works, its goal is to satisfy specifications in order to offer its customers unique, turnkey, ready-to-live-in services. But how do you make a career out of it?


A job with a future: what is the exact role of the architect?

As mentioned above, an architect’s main mission is to design homes and coordinate their construction. As a result, he makes plans and has increased knowledge of materials and building designs, and construction. He can manage an entire project, such as an apartment to be created, a house, a building, a commercial building, etc. But, he can also be led to think of renovation work inside or outside.


An architect is a designer

A professional architect can become one by going through an agency that has already been created. But he can also create his own agency or work independently. The key is to have a solid foundation in the field and experience. Indeed, an interior designer or exterior designer, cannot be improvised. There are plenty of rules to know, both technically and legally, and administratively.

As part of a project carried out from A to Z, he must therefore study its feasibility (usable land, construction techniques). Next, he must make quotes for his client and design the project plans for manual and technical implementation. All while adapting to the standards and criteria of the client.

Once the reflection is complete, he then takes care of contacting the craftsmen and builders for his project (electricians, masons, painters, plumbers, etc.). The architect must ensure the proper conduct of the site in order to make the project turnkey, on time, and with the best possible quality.

In general, his notoriety is based on word-of-mouth, so he has to carry out projects on their terms and collect the satisfaction of his customers.


What skills to become an architect?

Finally, becoming an interior or exterior architect requires solid skills. Without these, it will surely be difficult for you to access this profession or gain customers. You could even get into big legal trouble if certain standards aren’t met because of your incompetence. So, here are the recommended faculties:

  • Versatile, an architect must master planning, team coordination, but also costs, etc.
  • You will certainly have to be an ace in drawing, but also in models and models to make plans. In addition, it will be useful for you to be good with a computer to master the software.
  • Imagination, mental conceptualization, and then materialization.
  • You need to know at your fingertips the standards, real estate criteria, and the legal and administrative aspects of your job. Standards in electricity, construction, etc. are also known.
  • An architect must also know about the history of architecture, in order to have precise ideas on construction techniques, materials, and their particularities.
  • Learn how to communicate with the client, fill in specifications, and advise. Moreover, knowing the appropriate terms of other professions (construction industry for example) helps to communicate with the teams. Moreover, knowing how to popularize your language in architecture in front of the client is a big plus.


Recommended Training and Diplomas

Several training courses and diplomas are recommended to practice this profession. Of course, you can always train on your own or on the job. Nevertheless, with this training in hand, you have a better chance of finding a job and starting your career with all the basics in mind. Note that experience is the key word. So, do not hesitate to turn to internships or work-study. Here is a non-exhaustive list of suitable training:

  • State Diploma of Architect (DEA).
  • Degree in architecture from the Ecole Spéciale d’Architecte (ESA).
  • Degree in architecture from the National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA) in Strasbourg.
  • Master Architect.
  • Accreditation for Project Management in its own name (HMONP).
  • The Diploma of Specialization and Deepening in Architecture (DSA).
  • The Diploma was specific to Schools of Architecture (DPEA).

What salary is for a professional architect?

So, be aware that to become an interior or exterior designer, you will not necessarily all have the same salaries depending on your background. Moreover, it is estimated that an architect who works in an agency is paid more than an independent architect.

But an architect setting up his own agency is the jackpot. To get a huge salary, it is therefore in this branch that it is better to type. Or in the public service, as a public architect.

In general, a professional architect can earn €2,000 net starting out. Depending on your responsibilities, but also your seniority and reputation, you can earn between 6000/7000 € net monthly.



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