Argentine President made emotional request to Messi

Argentine President made an emotional request to Messi

Argentine President Alberto Fernandez has made an emotional request to Messi. He said, ‘You are in the hearts of all of us. But we never saw your game on the soil of our country (for the club). Give us this opportunity. You come back to Newells, which is your club. Let us sit in the gallery and watch the rest of the matches of your career. ‘

Lionel Messi announced his decision to leave Barcelona via Bureaufax on Tuesday. After his announcement, the whole football world was naturally shocked. On the other hand, Barcelona supporters are still protesting in front of the club.

The day after Messi announced his departure from Barcelona, a procession took place in front of his home in Rosario, Argentina. Participants demanded that Messi returns to his childhood club Newell’s Old Boys.


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