Home Sports Asia Cup canceled, Sourav Ganguly to Anandabazar

Asia Cup canceled, Sourav Ganguly to Anandabazar

Asia Cup canceled, Sourav Ganguly to Anandabazar

Asia Cup canceled, Sourav Ganguly to Anandabazar

From the beginning of the Coronation period, there was uncertainty about the Asia Cup. Although the host Pakistan did not say anything about it, the president of the powerful Board of Control for Cricket in India, Sourav Ganguly, said directly that this year’s Asia Cup had been canceled!

Today is July 7, Sourav’s 46th birthday. On this occasion, his exclusive interview was published by the Anandabazar newspaper in Kolkata. That’s where he was asked football has started abroad; the England-West Indies Test starts on Wednesday. When will Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma be seen on the field again? In the Asia Cup?

In response, he said, ‘Asia Cup has been canceled. This time it is not happening anymore. We are waiting for the decision of the ICC. Let’s see when they make the final announcement. Then we will decide about IPL. We are keeping in mind that the IPL can be done if the situation improves in October-November. I don’t see the possibility of cricket starting before then.

The President of the Indian Cricket Board said many more things in the interview. A new lockdown has started in Melbourne. The T20 World Cup has become even more uncertain. In this context, Sourav said, ‘If there is a plan to hold the tournament, the ICC can do without Melbourne. Whether there will be a World Cup or not is entirely a decision of the ICC.

He added: “The ICC may be trying to see if there is any possibility of hosting the World Cup. Financial grants are also given to all countries from the profits from the World Cup. From that, a lot of work is done for the development of cricket, having to think about various aspects. So maybe the ICC could not make a final decision.

The question was also about IPL. Asked if the IPL would be held abroad, the former India captain said, “Yes, it can be. We are trying to do it in the country. Again, it will depend entirely on the situation in the country. If the T20 World Cup is not held in October-November and the situation in our country improves a lot, then the IPL can be considered in the country.

In that case, if possible abroad, the BCCI president also said, ‘Sri Lanka and Dubai are being discussed. But our first choice must be made in our own country. This is possible only if the situation improves. Of the eight cities that play in the IPL, five have fatal outbreaks. That, too, must be kept in mind.

Note that the Asia Cup was scheduled to be held in September. This tournament of 8 teams was supposed to be in the T20 edition this time.



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