Assassin's Creed to have live action series on Netflix

Assassin’s Creed to Have Live Action Series on Netflix

Ubisoft Announces a Live-Action Series of Assassin’s Creed on Netflix¬†

Ubisoft has announced a live-action series, featuring real actors, of Assassin’s Creed for Netflix Series. The adaptation, which has yet to premiere, is being produced by Ubisoft itself, through its studio specializing in film productions, with producer duo Jason Altman and Danielle Kreinik.

The news does not end there. The agreement between Netflix and Ubisoft provides for other adaptations, in the plural. The premiere will even be the series with real actors, but we will still have animated series, including in the western style and also in anime, all without any preview or additional details.

It’s also unclear what kind of story the live-action will bring to the platform, or even when in human history production will take place.

It should be remembered that Assassin’s Creed has already become a Hollywood movie, with actor Michael Fassbender, who also produced the feature film. The story is also part of the game timeline and is mentioned in other titles in the saga, such as Assassin’s Creed Origins. The film cost $125 million and grossed $240 million worldwide, but it’s not exactly a big critical success.

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