Battlefield 6 Official Released Date is Confirmed

Battlefield 6 Official Release Date is Confirmed

Battlefield 6 Will Finally Be Available In 2021

The release date of Battlefield 6 is confirmed, Battlefield 6 will officially release at the end of 2021. Like any new edition of a series of games, speculation is rife. How will the setting be, and when will the script take place? So many questions whose answers are emerging, without being really precise.


The history of Battlefield

The battlefield is a constantly evolving shooter. After the series began in 2002, more than 10 titles have already been released, with more than 15 expansions. Battlefield Vietnam took place in the Vietnam War in 2004. This edition highlighted individual weapons while using vehicles. Battlefield 2 is set in a fictitious Sino-American war.

Battlefield 5, the last edition that exists, released in 2018, had WWII as its setting. It’s still a first-person shooter. The scenario was directly inspired by real events. The multiplayer mode is in the spotlight. Each team can contain up to 64 players. As many weapons as possible are available to teams, as well as war vehicles.

All other editions have had a special frame. They have in common a world of war. You are probably wondering, in what setting Battlefield 6 will take place. It is certain that it will surpass its predecessors at all levels.


A modern or old setting?

The developers of Battlefield have already shown their talents and their creativity, varying the settings of the old editions of the game. The scenarios and the weapons used have always been thought out down to the smallest detail. Between science fiction fights and modern battles, nothing is yet precise. A return to the modern setting is likely. The few images that have been projected promise spectacular battles. It is obvious that the weapons and the tanks of war will be there.

Will Bf6 stage the third world war? There are rumors of fighting between the Russians and NATO. The two parties will certainly not give each other a gift. Fighting to the death is to be expected. Will there be constructions out of modern Minecraft? Time will tell us.


New cards in perspective

On the next Battlefield, new maps could emerge. Those of the standard playlist will always be valid, to allow a tough fight between two teams of 32 players. The news will accommodate up to 128 players, and even more. This already gives you an idea of ​​what to expect on the battlefield.


A preview of the gameplay

The gameplay suggests great clashes, for 5 days. Each day corresponds to a battle, and to a well-defined card. The team that wins during one fighting day will have the advantage over the other the next day.

The first battle will take place on a highway where the belligerents will seek to be masters of the checkpoints. The winning team is the one with the most points. Suppose the Russians have the advantage over NATO.

On the second day, NATO will have more vehicles to grab a hill in the middle of the mall. The Russians, who do not have the same means, will always have the upper hand.

On the third day, both sides will fight on equal terms. Each will be equipped with command vehicles and tanks. The first which will manage to position itself on a precise point of the map will have the power to destroy the tank of the opposing team. Logically, the Russians will win this third battle.

On the fourth day, the Russians plan to attack a town hall that contains a checkpoint. They have won in previous battles, so they receive additional equipment. With unequal arms, obviously, the forces will not be balanced.

What will be the outcome on the fifth day? It all depends on the union between the players of the team. Even though it is fictional, it is the future of the whole world that is at stake. These scenarios are a glimpse of what could actually be presented. It is the weather that will confirm the real gameplay.

Free-to-play insight?

To extend the game, the developer would intend to design a free-to-play version of Battlefield 6. Obviously, this option will not be valid in multiplayer mode. It would rather be standalone, which could be of interest to beginners. It is also an opportunity for each player to perfect their strategy, before facing the big fights. The idea came from the successful concept of the Warzone.

On which platform will the new Battlefield 6 be released?

The other question that arises is the platform that will be supported by this new edition. It would be tempting to think that the game will come out with a new console as other games do. It seems that the old ones will benefit. The Battlefield 6 is slated for release on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4, PS5, and PC at the end of 2021.

Experienced developers

The game is concocted by DICE (Digital Illusions Creative Entertainments), a Swedish studio, which produced all editions of the series. The developer has always met the expectations of Battlefield enthusiasts. He won’t fail this time. Having produced more than 60 video games for all platforms since its creation in 1992, this specialized studio certainly has many surprises in store for us.

Why so much suspense?

Revealing information in advance is always risky. Indeed, each image shown will be dissected by the public, who will not fail to react. This could disturb a production already in operation. The designers have had this experience in previous editions. The closest is the release of Battlefield 5, the trailer of which drew heavy criticism, about a woman with an amputated arm.



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