Bell Bottom Full Movie Download - Watch Bell Bottom 2021 – 480p, 720p

Bell Bottom Full Movie Download – Watch Bell Bottom 2021 – 480p, 720p

Watch and Download Bell Bottom Full Movie Online – 480p, 720p, Torrent

There is some good news for Akshay Kumar’s fans. The date for the release of his film ‘Bell Bottom’ has been set. What makes this film unique is that it will not be released on any OTT platform but rather in theaters. Yes, Akshay Kumar announced the release date. The Wait is over Akshay wrote on Twitter, “Mission: To entertain you on the BIG SCREEN.” Date: 19 August 2021. We are pleased to announce the arrival of #BellBottom!


It Will be released in cinemas throughout the world

Due to the increasing cases of corona infection and the lockdown of theaters, ‘Bell Bottom’ was originally scheduled to be released on OTT first. Additionally, negotiations with a large OTT platform have been completed. However, there have been reports in the past that Akshay Kumar and the film’s producers are preparing to bring the film to the big screen. Finally, Akshay Kumar announced the release date via Twitter on Tuesday. ‘I know you’ve all waited patiently for ‘Bell Bottom,” Akshay Kumar wrote in his tweet. It gives me great joy to finally announce the film’s release.


Bell Bottom Movie Cast

  • Akshay Kumar
  • Vaani Kapoor
  • Huma Qureshi
  • Lara Dutta Bhupathi
  • Denzil Smith
  • Aniruddh Dave
  • Kavi Raz
  • Amit Kumar Vashisth
  • Diljohn Singh
  • Neelam Bakshi
  • Tiwari Yadeep
  • Bhavini Sheth
  • Moumita Moitra


Bell Bottom Full Movie Download - Watch Bell Bottom 2021 – 480p, 720p


Bell Bottom Movie Release Date

The film’s release date has been pushed back twice. ‘Bell Bottom’ is a Ranjit M. Tiwari-directed spy thriller film release date was July 27th, 2021 which was again postponed and is now rescheduled to August 19th, 2021. The movie will be released in theaters as well as on OTT Digital Media. Vaani Kapoor, Lara Dutta, Huma Qureshi, and Adil Hussain co-star in the film alongside Akshay Kumar in the lead roles. This film’s release date was previously postponed twice. Originally scheduled for release on 26 January 2021, this film was rescheduled. Whereas the release date was later set for 2 April. However, due to the Corona pandemic, the film’s release was delayed.


Bell Bottom Movie Plot

Bell Bottom is set in the 1980s and revolves around a child of a police officer who has aspired to be a criminal investigator since his youth. When he becomes a constable, he finally gets his chance to work as a criminal investigator to resolve a theft case.

Bell Bottom Movie Storyline

Divakara (Rishab) is a want-to-be detective who is actually a cop. He decides to take on one of the most high-profile cases in his area to establish his credentials as a spy. Throughout the investigation, he meets several eccentric characters who only add to the difficulty of solving the case.

Throughout this, he falls in love with Kusuma (Haripriya), who is involved in the illegal liquor trade. Is Divakar capable of resolving the case? Is he absorbed by Kusuma? The suspense is revealed in the film’s second half.


Where to Download Bell Bottom 2021 Full Movie Online

You can download Bell Bottom Full Movie 2021 Online in 480p, 720p, 1080p, or in HD Rip via Torrent or watch Akshay Kumar’s Bell Bottom on Netflix/Amazon Prime (OTT Media) as the movie is set to release in theaters on 19th August 2021.


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