Best 4K TVs 2021

Best 4K TVs of 2021

Smart TVs are the best way to Watch Movies, Streaming Netflix, Playing Games, or using YouTube. From 4K UHD and Dolby Vision to QLED and OLED, here are the Best 4K Smart TVs that you should buy.

For years television manufacturers have not stopped innovating. When it came out the Smart TV offered black and white images and subsequently, color display televisions were a real revolution.

Years have passed and since all this time televisions are gaining in functionality and finesse, but it has not stopped. There now all high-end or entry-level manufacturers offer smart televisions, equipped with operating systems for more possibilities.


5 Best 4K Smart TVs in 2021


  1. Hisense – Best 4K HDR Smart TV

Hisense B7500 - Smart 4K TV

So let’s start with the Hisense B7500, its screen size is 50 inches White Collar Gamut technology offers realistic colors and very close to natural apart from that the HD format Dolby young people offer an excellent rendering on videos and films.

Indeed, the Video 3.0 system allows easy and instant access to your favorite content and applications. The interface is simplistic and intuitive and in addition, it is customizable and easily accessible video streaming platforms like YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon video premium.

Thanks to its shortcut keys on the remote control. The TV is therefore equipped with USB and HDMI ports for multimedia playback and connection with compatible equipment. Apart from that this smart tv 7b 7500 is HD R10 plus and HLG compatible.

Then, it is equipped with a four-core processor. Regarding the connectors and port, we, therefore, have 3 HDMI 3 mowing compatible HDMI 2.01 compatible with RC and two USB ports, an optical audio output, an audio input, a composite input, a 3 mm jack input, two antenna sockets, and an Ethernet port for a wired connection via rj45.

On the other hand, the device integrates the voice assistant Alex to Amazon, the user benefits from the voice command thanks to his remote control.

The wireless connectivity on this device is Bluetooth and wifi. It should be noted that Bluetooth allows you to connect a keyboard, a mouse, but also audio playback from your mobile device. Added to all this is the caste sending function which allows you to share the screen of your pc, tablet, or smartphone.

On the sound side, you have two speakers that deliver sound with a power of 10 watts each, you also have a surround effect thanks to the dark studio DST system. Finally, the technology used for the sound is the Dolby digital plus the accessories supplied with the TV are remote control and its two AA batteries, a visa holder, and a power cable.


  1. Samsung – Best 4K UHD Smart TV

Samsung UE50TU7125 - Best 4K TVs

Let’s continue immediately with the SAMSUNG UE50TU7125 TV, an intelligent and powerful TV at the same time. The television is equipped with Crystal HD technology offering natural vivid colors, on the processor side, it is equipped with a 4K crystal processor chip.


the 50-inch screen delivers ultra high definition resolution that is four times that of full HD in the attention to detail the brand adopted to its television. Indeed the HD technology plus which delivers a brighter rendering on scenes that are dark with slaps apart from the range technology, we allow ourselves to have a sharper and more dynamic image when you play your games to no longer have cables visible on the back of the TV you have a cable management system.

Thus the integrated functionality 2 allows your phone, pad, or mac to broadcast the content of its screen directly to the TV. The operating system of this smart TV is a native system of the brand which is none other than yours.

Also, the sound is provided by a Dolby digital plus system and its two speakers with a total power of 20 watts. However, the device is compatible with voice assistants, Alexa, Amazon, and Google assistant. AND for wired connectivity, it has two HDMI ports, an antenna input, a USB port, an internet port allowing connection via RJ45, an optical audio output, and a location, it is as for wireless connectivity.

It has Bluetooth 4.2 and wifi 5 the weight of this model with the feet and 11.6 kg. Finally, the accessories that are delivered are a Tm 1240 remote control with its batteries, a bladder attachment, a user manual, a power cable, and an electronic manual.


  1. TCL – Best QLED Smart TV

TCL 50C715 - Best 4K Tvs 2021

Let’s go on and see now TCL 50C715 which is an ultra high definition 4k TV with Oled screen technology. The screen size and 50 inches incorporate voice control and Yamin, which works with Alexa and Google Assistant devices.

Indeed Voice command allows you to control your TV changed input adjust the volume to turn it on or off. Also, take advantage of 4K HD 10 plus technology for optimal image rendering. So the clearly shan Wright feature helps reduce the craziness of displaying motion while you are watching your movies or shows.

Then your experience will be crystal clear in all circumstances except for the TV compatible with the new Dolby Atmos format which delivers realistic sound.

And it is equipped with two speakers delivering a power of 10 watts each. The young Dolby offers more vivid colors and excellent brightness, it should be noted that the smart TV embeds the Android operating system which makes it an Android that lives among many other Chromecast is also present on this model, enjoy your video streaming platforms, YouTube, Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Finally, on the wired connectivity side, you have three HDMI inputs, two USB 2.0 inputs, a 3.5 mm headphone output, an internet port for RJ45, and an optical output for wireless connectivity, you have wifi and Bluetooth in terms of weight. TV plague 12.1 kg with its feet.



  1. LG – Best OLED Smart TV

LG B965

Let’s continue with the LG B965 smart TV, its screen size is 65 inches designed with Oled technology with its 8.3 million pixels, benefiting from impressive image quality with details of the darkest ones. Indeed, the television is also designed for video game enthusiasts, because it is compatible with Nvidia G6, its response time is really fast.


It is a millisecond offering a fluidity of image in full fire the refresh rate variable and auto latency mode supported by the latest standard HDMI provides the best graphics apart from that, it is equipped with a second-generation 7 intelligent processor.

And it integrates LG and I voice control function which works with Amazon Alexa and google 6-ton devices. Thus a built-in Apple Airplay feature allows you to stream content from your iPhone iPad mac directly to the TV screen.

And the channel points speaker system gives a power of 40 watts including 20 watts, it also supports 2b Atmos and DPF buy the wireless connectivity are wifi and Bluetooth, as for the port, it has 4 HDMI, friends 2.3 port, USB 2.0 and inputs had an rj45 internet port, a mini-jack input and an optical audio output the total weight of the TV with the feet and 26.22 kg.

Finally, the accessories that come with are a magic remote control, a universal remote control, a power cable, a quick start guide, and a user manual.


  1. Panasonic – Best 4K Ultra HD Smart TV

Panasonic TX 55Gz950

We will end with the Panasonic TX, A 4k Ultra HD television that supports HDR +10 and Young Ruby to deliver exceptional picture quality. Indeed the size of its screen is 55 inches designed with Oled technology with an absolute black filter.

So the TV also supports the latest Dolby Atmos audio standards and round cinema pro. The maximum sound power delivered by these four speakers is 50 watts, including two speakers of 10 watts and the other two of 15 watts each.

Then the sound mode is adjustable according to the type of content, music, standard voice is also customizable apart from that it embeds a professional HCX intelligent processor.

And it also incorporates the Anywhere function its total weight including the foot and 27.5 kg. Finally, wireless, wifi and Bluetooth connectivity are present on this model as for wired connectivity, it has four HDMI ports, a 4-point HDMI port, two ports, USB 2.0, a USB 3.0 port an internet port, they entered it is to one optical audio output and one 3.5mm headphone output.



Although there are different types of smart TVs, now the choice is yours as we mentioned the best and trending Smart 4K TVs that you should buy in 2021 for their best quality, specifications, and price-to-quality ratio.