Best Al-Rehab Women Perfumes in 2020

Best Al-Rehab Perfumes For Women

El-Rehab was born as a brilliant fragrance company in 2011, with unprecedented success because they are responsible for looking to the woman in the most extraordinary way possible with a fragrance that combines both flavors deep with oils care for the skin of the girls.

There are plenty of reasons that we want to present to you the 8 Best Al-Rehab Perfumes for Women in 2022; these fragrances especially are designed to take you out of this world and put you on a very high pedestal from which you will not want to get off, so do not stop watching their analysis.


8 Best Al-Rehab Women Perfumes & Colognes of 2022


1. Shadha by Al-Rehab

Shadha by Al-Rehab

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We open with Shadha, a fragrance by Al-Rehab that was structured to be a star perfume for spring since it belongs to the Floral for Women olfactory family, and we are facing that star perfume this season.

It only consists of rose and jasmine in the selected notes, which is a success if we take into account that this perfume has that simple flower aroma, but that it does not escape your senses due to a deep aroma. It is worth noting that it has very durable longevity with which you will have it with you for a long time and also a huge trail that leaves its mark.


2. Al Nourus by Al-Rehab

Al Nourus by Al-Rehab

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The A’s Nourus of el-Rehab is a fragrance that shows that women need that aura of fun, exposing their way of being before the world no matter what makes the society, so it is the most recommended.

It has a quite delicious aroma and with tropical fruits in its notes of melon, mango, lime, white Musk, white lily, and iris flower, in this way to have a fruity and sweet aroma in equal parts.

This perfume is the best staging to shine in summer since its notes are chosen from the best fruits of this time, and it has moderate longevity and a similar trail.


3. Fruit by Al-Rehab

Fruit by Al-Rehab

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The best tribute to fruits was made by Al-Rehab with Fruit, a perfume that plays very well their sensation by containing in its notes of green apple, tangerine, pink grapefruit, White Musk, and banana, ideal for that aroma so soft, so fruity.

Its longevity is presented as moderate and its trail the same, specially made for the winter season that often needs those aromas of citrus fruits and sweetness to get out of the monotony.


4. Al Hanouf by Al-Rehab

Al Hanouf by Al-Rehab

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It is a perfume that has a hundred percent Arab aroma is Al-Rehab’s Al Hanouf, a fragrance that, above all, imposes the beauty of women above all else.

This perfume following the trail of Al-Rehab contains few notes, which are of oud wood, amber and Taif rose, which in general give you that concentrated and spicy aroma.

It also stands out for very long-lasting longevity along with its enormous wake that will impact strongly in spring.


5. Musk Al Aroosah Al-Rehab

Musk Al Aroosah Al-Rehab

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The moss is one of the star ingredients el-Rehab, and Musk to the Aroosah is defined as that perfume, mostly given to make you vibrate with the power of nature.

It has a series of notes such as white moss and vanilla, which give both intensity and sweetness to the formula of this perfume that has given so much to talk about because it is minimalist but strong.

With Musk Al Aroosah, you can also have your perfume especially attractive for fall, which at the same time possesses long-lasting longevity and a heavy trail.


6. Bahrain Pearl by Al-Rehab

Bahrain Pearl by Al-Rehab

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A pearl of the Arab world is what the Bahrain Pearl by Al Rehab has wanted to portray, which also goes along the line of being a special fragrance to highlight the beauty of women perfectly.

This Bahrain Pearl has notes of lemongrass, white Musk, tangerine, white rose, orchid, and violet. All that aroma then is of beauty, and that has fresh flowers as the protagonists.

On the other hand, it has moderate longevity and a heavy trail, as well as being ideal for use in winter.


7. Lailat Elomer by Al-Rehab

Lailat Elomer by Al-Rehab

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A perfume that can stand out from the rest thanks to its enormous quality is Lailat Elomer by Al-Rehab, a fragrance that can be perfectly defined as the most feminine perfume of the brand.

Fineness comes from all sides, having mostly resin notes to make its fragrance one that is very different from the ones you have seen so far, and that has very long-lasting longevity and a vast trail, marking its territory with elegance. We cannot recommend another time other than spring to wear it for all your feminism.


8. Mubakhar by Al-Rehab

Mubakhar by Al-Rehab

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The strength of Arab perfumes is what all women love so much to highlight their unique way of being and very attached to loyalty. Such is the case of the Mubakhar of Al-Rehab.

It contains a series of notes of vanilla, bergamot, cinnamon, sandalwood, Musk, and Virginia juniper to make a delightful fragrance, in addition to having a lot of wildflowers. Its long-lasting longevity and moderate trail to accompany all your autumn days.



Having Best Al-Rehab Women perfumes is wonderful to make your days something special and deep, so do not think twice before buying them and letting your outer beauty come out.


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