Best Alfred Dunhill Men Perfumes

9 Best Alfred Dunhill Perfumes For Men

No matter how old a man is, they need a cologne representing all the different parts of their life. This way, the brand never lets them down. In this case, we’re talking about Alfred Dunhill, a name that has won over the hearts of men for more than ten years. What better gift could there be for you than The 9 Best Alfred Dunhill Perfumes For Men, which you can’t stop reading?

Best Alfred Dunhill Perfumes For Men

1. Dunhill Desire For Men

Desire by Dunhill

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Desire is a faithful Dunhill perfume that perfectly shows what it means to be a man of extraordinary grace and seduction. It was released in 2000 and is in the Oriental Woody fragrance family for men.

It smells like lemon, teak wood, rose, vanilla, musk, apple, neroli, and patchouli. The scent is like sweet, fresh fruit that lingers for a long time. It leaves a heavy trail that lasts and is very citrusy in the summer.

2. Dunhill Icon For Him

Dunhill Icon

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The Dunhill Icon fragrance, which came out in 2015 and is part of the family, might be the best way to describe all the luxury of expensive cars and clothes.

The notes in this icon include bergamot, lavender, black pepper, vetiver, oud wood, leather, oakmoss, and iris. Together, they make a strong scent of dry wood and leather, which is very manly. It has a moderate lasting power and a similar trail that you can feel but doesn’t bother you. It’s the right perfume for fall.

3. Dunhill Signature Collection Indian Sandalwood

Dunhill Signature Collection Indian Sandalwood

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As one of the most unique Dunhill scents, we can’t leave out the Signature Collection Indian Sandalwood, which came out in 2019. This perfume smells too old.

Its notes of sandalwood, patchouli, carrot, and lily root make it smell like great greens with a touch of Arabic. On top of that, it lives a very long time and leaves behind a vast wake, which fights the cold winters with its strength in length and presence.

4. Dunhill Desire Extreme

Dunhill Desire Extreme

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Desire Extreme, which came out in 2017, is the most extreme version of any Dunhill perfume. It is a strong scent that is best worn all summer long.

The notes in this perfume are vetiver, patchouli, amber, saffron, leather, orange, bergamot, and clary sage. Together, they create a scent that is genuinely manly, strong, and not at all sweet. Finally, it lasts a long time, and its trail is heavy.

5. Dunhill Dunhill For Women

Dunhill by Dunhill

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We are not exaggerating when we say that Dunhill by Dunhill is the best scent for autumn days. It has a casual vibe that makes everything easy.

Dunhill is a perfume that came out in 2003. It has jasmine, rose, cedar, vetiver, oakmoss, lemon, geranium, lavender, and clary sage notes. The fruity smell makes it familiar, but the soft, flowery aroma makes it unique. It doesn’t last very long, and its trail is pretty much the same, with no changes.

6. Dunhill Icon Elite For Men

Dunhill Icon Elite

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Another version of Dunhill’s perfume, the Icon Elite, is strong but very modern. It’s great for men who like the Woody family of scents.

The fragrance has cardamom, Virginia juniper, sandalwood, ebony, suede, labdanum, vetiver, blue sage, and vetiver. This line is a truly manly perfume that smells like a forest. It lasts a long time, has a modest trail, and looks great on you in the spring.

7. Dunhill Century Eau de Parfum

Century by Dunhill

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The Dunhill Century is one of the most pleasant perfumes of its line; since being from the Aromatic Spicy olfactory family for men, it is perceived with too much freshness and is suitable for the younger ones.

It has bergamot, grapefruit, orange, musk, cypress, grapefruit, and frankincense to make this a delightful, fruity, and free fragrance, which, added to this, has long-lasting longevity and a moderate trail. It comes in handy for spring days, especially.

8. Dunhill Icon Racing For Men

Dunhill Icon Racing

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Icon Racing is the perfect scent for people who love speed. It has notes of orange blossom, vetiver, musk, guaiac wood, pepper, lavender grapefruit, bergamot, and cardamom, which smell like timber and fruit.

Icon Racing lasts a long time and has a big wake for winter days, which are your best chances to win.

9. Dunhill Custom Eau de Parfum

Dunhill Custom

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The most important thing is to make your style stand out. The Dunhill Custom is easy to spot because it smells rebellious and sets its mind on being completely independent, thanks to its notes of pepper, Virginia cedar, incense, and red apple.

This perfume also lasts a fair amount of time and leaves a heavy trail. It will go well with your style, breaking up the quiet this fall.


You have now seen the list of the Best Dunhill Perfumes for Him. Now it’s your turn to pick one out and use Dunhill daily to change how people see you.

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