Best Amazon Prime movies and series in August 2020

Best Amazon Prime movies and series in August 2020

As the month of August draws to a close, we take stock of the best series and films that have entered the Amazon Prime movies in August 2020 catalog. Follow the guide. Like its main competitors Netflix and Disney +, Amazon Prime Video welcomes new films and series to its catalog every month.

As the month of August is nearing its end and the return to school is looming, we have decided for you to take stock of the new products in the catalog that have recently arrived or are to come. Enough to organize a good remedial session after your three-week trek in the Pyrenees.

This month, the streaming service obviously took some time off after a particularly busy month in July. Despite everything, there is plenty to spend a long weekend of binge-watching, comfortably installed on your sofa! What to wait quietly before the release of The Boys Season 2, scheduled for September 4, 2020. We can not wait!

As a reminder, the Amazon Prime Video subscription is included in the Amazon Prime offer, offered at € 49.99 per year or € 5.99 per month. With this formula, you benefit from several advantages, starting with the delivery of your purchases by express, access to exclusive prices, digital books, not to mention Amazon Prime Video.


The best series on Amazon Prime Video in August 2020

Mad Men – The Complete

We start with a legendary series: Mad Men. The show led by the brilliant John Hamm lands on Amazon Prime Video. The opportunity to (re) discovers this disturbing and disturbing epic in the world of advertising marketing of the 60s in New York. Racism, feminism, excessive smoking, alcoholism, identity, and existential crisis, the series produced by AMC tackles an impressive amount of subjects and turns the viewer upside down with its gallery of tortured characters, all brilliantly interpreted.


Preacher – Season 4 and 5

With a demon-possessed loan, a wacky century-old vampire, Adolf Hitler determined to return from the dead, a degenerate Jesus and a God definitely on messaging, what are you waiting for to watch Preacher?


Counterpart – Season 2

In Counterpart, follow the story of Howard Silk, a modest employee who is terribly bored in this monotonous job and it must be admitted, boring to death. Only, he will quickly realize that this company hides a terrible secret in its foundations, a portal leading to a parallel dimension. An excellent sci-fi series led by the charismatic JK Simmons, whom you especially know for playing the insufferable editor-in-chief Jonah Jameson in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man.


The bonus series: Dispatches from Elsewhere

Here we are cheating a bit since the series arrived in the catalog in July 2020. That being said, we highly recommend you, more than that, we invite you to drop any current series/game/movie/book for you. throw on Dispatches From Elsewhere, Jason Segel AKA Marshall’s new wonder in How I Meet Your Mother.

A deeply humanist, sincere, moving series during which you will follow the adventure of four ordinary people who nevertheless share one thing in common: a feeling of permanent emptiness. Only a mysterious treasure hunt will bring them together. Perhaps this journey will allow them to open their eyes to a world filled with magic. Go for it, you’ll thank us later.

Gangs of New York

Amazon Prime Video has a classic from Martin Scorsese. This film marks the first collaboration of the genius director with a young Leonardo Di Caprio. In this re-enactment of mid-19th century New York, gangs rule over what will become of the Big Apple. At their head, a ruthless leader led by the impeccable Daniel Day-Lewis. An epic butcher’s shop to see and re-watch just for its fight scenes.


Mean streets

Before Taxi Driver, before Goodfellas, before The Irish Man, before Casino, before Raging Bull, there was Mean Streets. A young director behind the camera, Martin Scorsese, and two film monsters to become in front of her: Robert de Niro and Harvey Keitel. Nothing more than the origins of the Scorsese mafia saga.


The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

When Ben Stiller abandons the comedy register, it results in a film that is deeply moving, exotic, poetic, a real breath of fresh air. And in this period of a health crisis, we are not going to spit on this joyous journey into the unknown.


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