Best Android Keyboard Apps in 2020

Best Android Keyboard Apps

One of the strengths of Android is undoubtedly its ability to customize the interface by installing just one application. Also, keyboard customizations are a plus. In this list, you will find the most used and best keyboard Apps for typing on Android mobile that will take your typing speed and skills to the next level.


10 Best Android Keyboard Apps 2023


  1. Gboard – Google Keyboard

Gboard, the Best Android Keyboard App is an app from Google, that significantly changes your typing habits. Scroll typing, voice typing, and built-in Google Search features provide great convenience. With the search feature, you can now search and share directly from your Keyboard without the need to switch applications.

  • Swipe Print: Swipe your finger across letters to type faster
  • Google voice typing: Easily dictate texts on the go
  • Handwriting: Write by handwriting or handwriting
  • Search and share: Press G to search and share anything you want on Google
  • Emoji Search: Find the Emoji you want faster
  • GIF Search: Search and share GIFs that will give you the best response.
  • Writing in multiple languages: Gboard will automatically correct and make suggestions in any of your active language selections.
  • Google Translate: Translate as you type on the Keyboard


  1. SwiftKey Keyboard

The SwiftKey keyboard app supports scroll typing. SwiftKey keyboard learns your typing style. In this way, you can write faster. Type text, send emojis, GIFs, and more as you like with your special Keyboard. The SwiftKey scroll keyboard always learns and adapts to suit your unique typing method – including slang emoticons, nicknames, and Emojis you use.

The built-in Emoji keyboard contains all the Emoji you may need and more. SwiftKey learns about your favorite emojis, so you can always send the most accurate instant responses to your friends.


  1. Typany Keyboard

Typany Keyboard is a keyboard application customizable and combines many different features, including Armoji, Doodle, Sound, Font, and more. It also supports instant translation of over 100 languages. Typany Keyboard is an all-in-one keyboard application that offers high speed and a personalized typing experience.


  1. Simple Keyboard

This application is a simple keyboard application for users who do not want add-ons and extra features.


  • Small size (<1MB)
  • Adjustable keyboard height for more screen space
  • Number line
  • Custom theme colors
  • Minimum permissions (Vibration only)
  • Ad-free

Features it does not have and will probably never be added by the maker:

  • emoji
  • GIFs
  • Spelling checker
  • Write by swiping


  1. Multiling O Keyboard

If you need more than one language while typing on the Keyboard, Multiling O Keyboard can be your keyboard choice. This keyboard app supports more than 200 languages. In addition to multi-language support, it offers many features including swipe typing, computer-style keyboard layout, keyboard resizing and repositioning, themes, emojis, various layouts, and the ability to set number lines.


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  1. Grammarly Keyboard

Grammarly started as a Chrome extension, and its purpose was to fix grammatical errors while typing. Now it comes out as a new Android keyboard app. It serves the same purpose as the Android keyboard application. It checks your grammar, spelling mistakes, and punctuation. The ability to scroll by typing is also available on this Keyboard.


  • Advanced grammar checker
  • Contextual spell checker
  • Advanced punctuation correction
  • Word enhancements and synonyms


  1. Fleksy

Fleksy speeds up the writing process with a different concept. You can perform various gestures and writing and erasing operations. GIFs, stickers, web searches, plugins, colorful themes, and keyboard customizations are some of its features.

Swipe left to delete a word, or add punctuation, spaces, words, and much more with a flick of your finger. The most intuitive, easy, and fast Keyboard for Android. Also, switch between languages smoothly as you type. Fleksy supports more than 40 languages.


  1. FancyKey

FancyKey Keyboard is a free, customized keyboard for Android with customizable fonts, more than 3200 emojis, customizable themes, automatic spelling correction, and word predictions. It comes with scrolling writing and support for 50 languages.


  1. ai.type Keyboard Plus

ai.type is one of the smartest, most personalized keyboards for smartphones and tablets. No keyboard application offers faster customization and customization experience. There are over a thousand themes to help you customize. The free version is an 18-day trial version. It includes word predictions, word completion, correction, swipe typing, Emoji, and many other features as you type.


  1. Tambu Keyboard

Another keyboard application that you can search on the internet without leaving the chat. It has unique Turkish stickers, dozens of customizable themes, and gif support. In-keyboard search, improved word suggestions for faster and easier typing, and much more are in this free Keyboard.

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